Monday, October 26, 2009

What's next?

With my last TMNT comic due this November (through Mirage at least), I've been looking in all sorts of new directions to keep writing. I've been speaking with local publisher Gestalt about the possibilities of having my first creator owned book published through them, and things are looking good. I posted a bit of a teaser a while back if people can find it! ;)

I'm also working on a pitch with one of the Transformers crew over at IDW that I'm really excited about (and it has nothing to do with Transformers either), and am waiting to hear back on a little something that's sitting at Disney at the moment. I've touched base with a couple of editors here and there to see if there's any chance of work on some other licensed books, but we'll see how that goes. Right now, my priorities are "Tyrant Earth" and the first of the aforementioned pitches. And paying rent.

Oh, I'm also overhauling all my "Tobin's Spirit Guide" artwork! I'll have updates on all that soon!


Dragon Turtle said...

What form will the "Tobin's Spirit Guide" be published as, will it be a part of a future issue of Cereal Geek Magazine?

Dinoff said...

Good Luck with your work!!!

Question, when you submit to Disney, do you actually submit to Disney itself, or another company?

The only reason I ask is that I submitted stuff to BOOM! Studios, because of their new license, although I go the "we aren't acccepting unsolicted submissions...etc. etc."

Any advice on that end?