Saturday, October 24, 2009

Untold Tales of the TMNT: Touch and Go.

I know there are people curious out there, and given the news of the Viacom buyout, I think it's safe to say that these stories unfortunately won't see the light of day. Dan Berger had started lining them up as a possibility beyond May, provided no decision was reached regarding publishing roughly a month ago... Anyway, here's the first. I'll post the other 3 shortly...

This story is set shortly after Tales #64, just a bit after Volume 2. Hun is looking to retake the New York underworld and has joined a cabal of the most powerful criminals currently at large. They all have the same goal – eradicate the Turtles, eradicate the Foot, but not everyone trusts the other. This story shifts focus on to King Cobra, a villain introduced in Tales #59, who appears again in #64, with the intention of not only expanding his character, but also introducing a couple of cool new characters and will finish with a real sucker-punch development for Hun that I think will really leave readers hungry for more…

We open shortly after the ********************* concluded #64. King Cobra has gone back to his base of operations at “The Snake Pit” in Harlem (See #59). He and his bent, but also extremely good lawyer are going through some files. He doesn’t trust any of the other cabal members and is digging up as much dirt and personal information as he can on them in case things go bad, and it looks like his lawyer has struck gold: Hun has a 13 year old niece in witness protection.

King Cobra heads down to a private, seedier area of the club, where two girls are dancing on a podium for the lurid entertainment of lowlifes and criminals seeking refuge in the club. He calls the two girls aside, telling them he needs them for something very important. It is here that we find out that these girls are Amie Cortier and Anya Desír -- two of the world’s most dangerous assassins, and the team known more commonly as Touch and Go.

We jump cut to another part of NYC. The subway. It’s late night, and the trains are relatively empty outside of a few people here and there. Lauren Stanton (the main character from Tales #59) is sitting in a corner of the carriage with what appears to be two bums. The bums are actually Mike and Raph, on their way to Leo’s home in the sewers with Stanton, who they are bringing up to speed on things since her involvement with them in #59.
At one stop, three cops get on at one door, and a small group of men and women at one further down the carriage. But something is wrong… the two groups seem to be casting signalling glances at each other.

Both groups seem to swoop on a young girl seated by herself. The young girl struggles, and the Turtles (in disguise) move in to protect her. During this fight, the humans recognise the Turtles for what they really are, and Raph then realises that they are a part of the renegade Shredder Loyalists that were responsible for the events of Tales #36 and the release of Hun. Midway through the fight, the power goes out and the train comes to a screeching halt. The little girl runs for it, but just as she gets to the door to the next carriage, the power comes back on, and standing right in front of her is Go.
Not trusting of anyone, Hun’s niece runs back, and the Foot try to grab her. Touch comes through the door at the far end of the carriage, and both girls launch into an attack against the Foot. After a brief fight on the train, the Turtles stall Touch and Go long enough to allow Hun’s niece enough time to escape. The turtles aren’t quite sure what to make of Touch and Go, given that this is the first time they’ve encountered them, and that they just kicked the shit out of the Foot goons.

Touch and Go both disengage from the fight and seemingly retreat. Mikey is enamoured with the girls, but Raph seems agitated. The turtles grab Lauren and they jump off the train, continuing towards Leo’s lair on foot.

They arrive at Leo’s home, filling him in on what occurred earlier. They get in touch with Donatello (who is at April’s currently vacant apartment, guarding the place after the “Hun” incident), who uses the new computer set up there to gain access to the NYC Surveillance Project and find out which way the girl(s) went.

Miller tries to contact him (the cops have been called about what happened on the train). The group decides to meet up and discuss what’s going on. Raph, Mike and Lauren all explain to Miller and Leo exactly what happened. Leo is concerned mainly about the involvement of the Foot and Touch and Go, but Miller is concerned about the little girl most, as he knows who she is. All he tells them is that they need to find her, that she’s under witness protection because of Hun.

We cut back to the girl. She’s arriving at her home, her foster parents are pissed at her being late. We drop a few little hints about who this girl might be, but nothing explicit yet. Suddenly, Touch and Go strike! They kill the foster parents, but before they can get away with the young girl, Leo, Raph and Mike bust in, taking everyone by surprise. The apartment is trashed as the Turtles collide with Touch and Go, and Miller and Stanton catch Hun’s niece as she tries to escape the building.

During the fight, Touch and Go reveal their true potential, and the Turtles are barely able to keep up. Again Touch and Go disengage from the Turtles and resume their pursuit of the little girl. The Turtles follow.

New York traffic prevents Stanton and Miller from getting too far, and Touch and Go catch up. Things look grim as the two assassins get the better of Miller, but the Turtles do show up in time. Leo figures out how their power works and the Turtles start fighting smart. They divide the girls and overpower them, forcing them into a retreat.

The Turtles manage to save the day, but it is decided that Hun’s niece isn’t safe. They know the Foot are after her, and they believe Touch and Go could be working for anyone, so they decide to send her to stay with Casey and April for a while down at the farmhouse in Northampton. It is during this scene that Miller reveals who the little girl is (this will be the big reveal to the readers).


Dinoff said...

Wow! Awesome story!

Is it definite that your stories won't see the light of day?

I know from what I've read is that 18 b/w comics can be produced per year?

Is there a specific number of years that this can go on?

If not, and with Peter Laird's indefinite scheduling on writing Vol. 4, perhaps the scheduling of books can be worked out to include your books, and break out Forever War into b/w, single issues, so everything that can come out, will. Also, if the scheduling is there, also break out Mirage Universe into single issues, a la Marvel Handbook.... just a hopeful thought!

Keep up the great work my man!


Greg said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We won't be seeing these?!?!?!?? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Rika24 said...

is there any possible way that this can be part of that 18 comics a year plan? because honestly, you are my favorite writer from the current turtles comics (i haven't read much of volume 4 because of the prices/limited prints so i can't say much on that) and would hate to see these awesome story ideas of yours not happen...

by the way, is there any way you could write some scripts for the upcoming series?

Tristan Jones said...

@Dinoff: No, I don't think so to be honest. Those 18 books are for Peter, and I totally understand why he wanted those slots held aside. Peter is just tired of the Turtles, and given what's happened, I don't think he'd want to have anything to do with the Turtles until Nick works out what they're doing (at the earliest). I could be wrong, but I know that's how I would feel.
The deal reads to me (based on what I've been told and read) that the only thing Peter can publish are TMNT stories set in the Mirage Universe, because that's his baby. Archie is something else, and I don't think Peter is all that keen on that particular universe, but again I could be wrong.
The Handbook won't happen though, as it's a prose book, not a comic, which is all Mirage is allowed to do.

@Greg: Yeah, it's a bummer. But you never know, there might be an outlet for these stories somewhere down the track!

@Rika: I would love to! I'd give my nads to! Maybe...
Seriously though, that all comes down to whoever gets it. I'm sure if there was enough demand from the fans then it would at least be considered, but my living in Australia makes it significantly harder for me to make substantial contacts. All I can suggest is that you hit the Dark Horse message boards or the IDW message boards, because I know they've shown interest in picking up the TMNT license in the past, and telling them that you want them to pick up the license and then subtly let them know that you want me to keep telling stories! ;)

Trust me, if you like this, then you'll love the reboot ideas I had. Lloyd Goldfine, who was in charge of the animated run, loved it, and I think it hits all the right notes to really strike a chord with both new audiences and hardcores alike.