Monday, October 26, 2009

Tales #64 Sneaker!

For all you folks coming over from Newsarama, I do realise that my blog is somewhat lacking in any sort of interesting content for you to gander at immediately, so here's a preview of my final TMNT comic with Mirage.

It's a significant change of pace from my previous stories, but is still 100% in line with everything I've done before. You just might not be able to tell from what I'm about to show you.

The art is by long-time TMNT artist Jim Lawson, and I'm thrilled, really thrilled with the work he's done on this. It jumps around all over the place and Jim's done a fantastic job of jumping around with it!


Adam Winters said...

Looks like this one will be a hoot!

Tristan Jones said...

I hope so dude! I think it's got a bit of everything in there!

malpractice said...

love Lawson's Bat Turtle. I might check into seeing if he's selling that original art page.

Daniel Schwarz said...

Really looking forward to picking this one up off the shelf. Just wish it wasn't your last, bro :/