Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Okay, so...

It's been a while since I last posted here. Sorry! Twitter makes things easy and I can do it by phone!

Anyway, what's been happening?

I've moved into a new place with a couple of the coolest dudes you could want to meet.

My parents officially separated.

My final TMNT comic (for the time being at least) is currently in the capable hands of my good friend Steve Lavigne.

I'm knee deep in research for Tyrant Earth, which has been a heap of fun and is finally looking like it should.

I'm hoping I've got the girl I was after to sit as reference for a character in my script+art OGN project (meeting with her next week to discuss -- book still a ways off though).

I'm working on a Zuda project with one of the coolest artists I've met (keep an eye out -- "Six to the Head" -- ghost story set in the Old West), and the same artist will be working on "Skinwalkers" after.

Bought TMNT - Smash Up! and was pretty disappointed. The Jim Lawson/Eric Talbot cutscenes were amazing, but the game itself was just really disappointing.

Currently re-editing a promo real for a male strip-show. Was told it was "too porno". Go figure!

I've landed a "job" reviewing Wiiware games for I say "job" because I get paid in games :)

Also back reviewing games and comics with a mate at By buddy wrote the first one -- Dead Space: Extraction. I'm doing the game review, which should be up soonish.

Need a new job.

Need more comic work.

Also, be sure to pick up Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression, by IDW. It's a great book and the better these books sell, the more chance you have at seeing me write a mini-series. Two words: Stay Puft. You should be checking this book out anyways, TMNT artist Diego Jourdan is illustrating the X-Mas oneshot, and it looks great!

More to come!



Daniel Schwarz said...

Nice to hear from you (in blog form). I'm waiting to receive TMNT Smash Up in the mail, so I'm sorry to hear that it was a disappointment.

Hope everything works out for you, Tristan. Take it easy!

malpractice said...

tristan, email me back! we still got to set up that interview lol.