Monday, August 31, 2009

Original Tales of the TMNT #50 opening

I've recently moved into a new apartment and have been reorganising things. I found this as I was going through my documents and scripts. It's the original opening to Tales #50. I had to chop at it to keep the page count down. I think I would've preferred this, but I think the issue came out good in the end.

Panel 1
We’re inside the ravaged remains of the former TCRI building, deep beneath the ground. The room is a claustrophobe’s worst nightmare. The ceiling has come right in on itself, rubble and smashed panels are everywhere, remnants of the Utrom technology are crumpled and scattered amidst the ruins, though there are a number of devices still intact (they look like they were part of a communications lab).
Leatherhead has pried the door open and is holding it as Donatello enters.
It’s pitch black in here, as there’s no power, and both Don and Leatherhead are carrying some form of flashlight. A few of the lights are on on some of the devices.
Don is wearing a backpack and a tradesman’s utility belt, which is carrying some odd devices similar to our own powertools, but clearly reworked by Don.


Panel 2
Leatherhead is salvaging what he can from the room. Donatello is inspecting some of the equipment with a device similar to the PKE meter from Ghostbusters.

DONATELLO: I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about coming back down here… I honestly didn’t think we’d find anything.

DONATELLO (melded): But when you mentioned finding functional security systems on your last salvage run, you piqued my interest.

Panel 3
Wide shot. Leatherhead is checking a couple of Utrom gizmos he’s found. Donatello is putting a device in his bag. In the background, we can see the door Leatherhead forced open and through it stands a man, completely enveloped in darkness, but he’s decked out in some extremely high-tech gear. This is one of the RAZORBACKS. We can’t see him really, just the dull glow of his nightvision goggles/lenses, and a couple of small lights on the rifle he carries.

LEATHERHEAD: I thought you would be interested. My only concern is the structural integrity of these chambers closer to the surface…

Panel 4
We’re looking at Don and Leatherhead through the infrared vision of the Razorback. There are little statistical readouts similar to the vision of the Terminator. Leatherhead has been targeted by the electronic vision, highlighted.

DONATELLO: Yeah, good point. We should have be all right though...



Panel 1
Dynamic angle. The Razorback has fired his rifle, and a barbed mesh with anchored corners is bursting forth. Think “Predator”.

Panel 2
Leatherhead is overcome by the barbed net. Donatello is suddenly alert, and fearful for his friend. The Razorback is now visible, almost as though his suit had “revealed” itself like a chameleon changing camouflage. He’s tossing aside the net-launcher rifle with one hand and drawing a pistol from holster on his side with the other.
We can vaguely make out the shape of another Razorback in the darkness near Don.


RAZORBACK 1: Target acquired!


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~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..this initial RAZORBACK is representative of the one appearing in the ultimate issue of 50 , or a variation of that version ?!