Saturday, October 03, 2009


One of the weirdest things for me is coming up with titles. I hate them. Sometimes they come really, really naturally. I love poking fun and making pop-culture references in my comic titles (read: poaching), but the bigger things... they're bitches.

Right now, I'm working on four books of my own. Three of them came as naturally as breathing, but the fourth, and probably the most down to earth is killing me!

"Six to the Head" -- nice ring to it and links in with the story nicely.
"Tyrant Earth" -- totally suits the story and, again, has a nice and dramatic ring to it.
"Skinwalkers" -- rolls off the tongue, sounds ominous and creepy, and is pretty much what the story is about.

This fourth one though... I've got a few rolling around in my head, but they all feel really wishy-washy.

"One Night"
"Morning of the Sixth Day"
"The Sixth Day"

Problem is, I can't really talk about it without blowing the whole thing...

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