Friday, October 10, 2008

Economic Final Crisis

Next week is a positive bonanza for me in terms of comics. I am excited verily. Good thing I scraped myself some petty cash by selling weed to those ki--

Before you ask, I'm a completist freak when it comes to certain titles and covers. Amazing Spiderman is very obviously one of them.

Amazing Spider-Man #571 2nd print
Amazing Spider-Man #573 colbert cover
Amazing Spider-Man #573 jrjr cover
Amazing Spider-Man #573 maguire cover
Amazing Spider-Man #573 zombie
Deadpool #1 2nd print
Ghost Rider #28 cover a
Ghost Rider #28 cover b
Guardians of the Galaxy #6
Iron Man #34
Mighty Avengers #19
Moon Knight #23
Secret Invasion: Front Line #4
X-Men #503
Batman and the Outsiders #12
Ghostbusters the Other Side #1
Ghostbusters the Other Side #1 GCC exclusive
Michelangelo The Third Kind #2
Street Fighter II Turbo #1 cruz
Street Fighter II Turbo #1 lee
Welcome To Hoxford #3
Ghostbusters GN


~ tOkKa said...

-->> you must have'ta really scrape the bottom of the barrel of wee - -

..Damm forgot i ordered the G.B. sets to.

Better get my ass to the shoppe.


Tristan Jones said...

I'm all excited! The past couple of weeks have been kinda quiet, which is good because I could save and catch up on books I'm not up to date with.

Deadpool is, hands down, my favourite book out there at the moment.

Ross said...

Fun times.

What's Ghostbusters GN? Holy crap, am I missing something Ghostbusters?!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..Ross, You saw Speng's fun blog right ??! **


Greg said...

Holy damn, I wish I had cash to be spending like that! But it'd be mostly buying Indy stuff or whatever. Man, I can't get myself to be buying different covers and variants. Sheesh!

Malpractice said...

i am buying 5 of those.

my week next week is something like this

Air #3
Atomic Robo Dogs Of War #3
Batman Chronicles Vol 6 TP
Charlatan Ball #4
Ghostbusters Manga GN
Ghostbusters The Other Side #1
Ghost Rider #28
Grant Morrisons Doctor Who #1
Grant Morrison Early Years SC
Greatest Hits #2
Michelangelo Third Kind #2
Rasl #3
Robin #179
Scalped Vol 3 Dead Mothers TP
Simpsons Comics #147
Uncanny X-Men #503

thank god for DCBS

Ross said...

Yes, tokka, his blog is pretty cool. I like the breakdowns of the episodes and comics (I have all the Titan tpbs of the UK comics, and I'm something like three issues short of all the NOW comics).

Oh right, the GB manga! I totally forgot about that. Need to get it too.

Tristan Jones said...

How has Robin been since RIP Malpractice? I was seriously considering starting on it just around the time Spoiler came back.

Hey, I gotta thank you too! I checked the comicbookdb and saw you'd added a bunch of stuff under my name! Cheers for that dude.

By the way, as of next month, I'm going to be distributing review pdf's for Tales and the Ongoing, so if you can think of anyone I should be getting in touch with, let me know. Hannibal Tabu at CBR is keen, so we're excited about that!

Actually, while everyone is all Ghostbustery, does anyone have a copy of the Sholly Fisch book? I want to get my hands on a copy for the Spirit Guide, but it's out of print and the two stores selling it at Amazon are gauging like I've never seen before!

Tristan Jones said...

I'd also been meaning to pick up Air, but I thought I might wait for the trade on that one. I'm worried it might be censored like XIII was.

Malpractice said...

1) Robin has been Ok since RIP, but not spectacular. Robin is probably the only book that i always buy regardless since i have the whole run, so i might not be the most objective lol. It's not terrible though, and a few issues back is a pretty good jumping on point.

2) no prob. comicbookdb is a great site

3) cool. Off the top of my head, Caleb Munroe has a blog called [url=]Everyday Is Like Wednesday[/url] and he is a big Turtles fan and reviews pretty much everything you send him (he has a pretty big readership too by comic blog standards). has a show called Is It Wedensday Yet? where they review 5 comics for the next week, and they do written reviews on the site as well. I'll try and think of more.

4) Air is really fucking good. the first trade should be solicited in one of the next previews at $10.