Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Week

It's been a pretty draining week, physically and emotionally. My parents came out of mediation today but I'm not 100% sure what decisions were reached. My legs are caning from the change in running patterns. Still haven't been able to summon up any work outside of the comics (or inside for that matter), but I have a couple of pitches sitting in pretty nice places that I'm hoping work out for the best!

Been doing tonnes of research lately. Dinosaur evolution, deep sea biology, the Earth, and sifting through all the Mirage Turtles books, making notes for the upcoming Universe guidebook. I hope people dig it... Jake (Black) and Murphy have already done a heap of work on it. Kinda neat to have my first kinda real editing gig... kinda!

Picked up my comics for this week too. Here's what I had in:

Deadpool #900

Deadpool #900 johnson variant

Web of Spider-Man #1

Web of Spider-Man #1 Zombie variant

Batgirl #3

Batman #691

Blackest Night Batman #3

Detective Comics Annual #11

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Peter said...

This girl is the hottest April O'Neil I've ever seen! Have you watched her new video?

She's called Carol Zara. I follow her on Twitter and her fans are now doing a petition to cast her as April O'neil in TMNT 2011. #CarolisApril Man, I love her!
This is the link to vote: