Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michael Bay's Awesome Book of the Week

This was at the front desk when I went to pick up my Deadpool stuff at Comics R Us in Melbourne. This was cool because the dude behind the desk (not the usual dudes in there either) was saying that they'd had people start ordering the books recently because of my last couple of stories. Before this, the stores (there are two of them here in town) hadn't been stocking Turtles.


~ tOkKa said...

:D !!

-->>'s gonna be ok.

Fuckin' take that pessimism .

>v< ..

zog said...

Yeah, I was very happy with Comics R Us when I saw this. I tend to only use that store to catch up with back issues I missed (sounds like you do too, as you went there for Deapool stuff?). I prefer the other stores more as they have a wider range of independents than Comics R Us.

Tristan Jones said...

Yeah, Comics R Us and Classic Comics are my main back issue resources, with Classic being my favourite place to shop. Can't beat the dudes there!

Alternate Worlds is good, as they tend to stock EVERYTHING, but Larry's the only good dude there. I'm not sure if he's still there, but there was one big dude that freaked me out! Still, you go where you can get your books.

Comics R Us in the city tends to have more of a variety of stock than the one on Chapel Street.

What else do you read Zog?

Greg said...

That's damn kool!