Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Bad with the Good

Had a decent day out, scored a bunch of Deadpool books I'd been missing to fill the gaps, along with a couple of CD's and started work on some Care Bears stuff for Cereal:Geek Magazine. A while ago, I posted a sketch of the opening crawl from "The Real Ghostbusters" animated series. That has since been coloured by my brother and I and looks unreal. Very different to the Tobin's Spirit Guide stuff I've been working on! The unfortunate thing is, I can't show it. You'll just have to hang in there until the next issue hits!

Get this too: I arrived home from town to discover someone had stolen the fuel cap to my car! What kind of scumbag does that?! The panel had been snapped open and the fuel cap pinched!

It'll be funny later, but right now, I'm pissed about it.

That aside, something very cool happened in the city, which I'll post later.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..killer stuff to look forward too, aside tho' ..

is there a problem with people stealing fuel over there ??

In my area.. it's not 100 % common but is happening. With the cost of petroleum. It doesn't effect me directly at the moment as i don't have a car. But there have been people running around going into older cars without any locks on their caps i guess, and siphoning with their mouths petroleum into special cans.

It's actually pretty dangerous just to the thief themselves. But one sign around here that a person has been doing this that the car's gas cap is gone.

Just curious.


Tristan Jones said...

Not to my knowledge. I'm sure it's happening in a few areas, but my area, this sort of stuff is rare thankfully.

I tell ya, if I caught whoever did it, there'd be trouble!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..well i'd imagine.
heh heh .. o boi .. ( summmin' funny ..a visual popped in my head, but i think i just forgot it ) ~~ **