Saturday, October 18, 2008

Comics This Week

What I'm picking up this week:

Amazing Spider-Man #572 2nd print
Amazing Spider-Man #574
Daredevil #112
Daredevil #112 zombie cvr
Ghost Rider Danny Ketch #1
New Avengers #46
Secret Invasion #7
Secret Invasion #7 yu sketch
Secret Invasion #7 yu variant
Secret Invasion: Spider-Man Brand New Day #3
Thor: Truth of History
Thunderbolts #125
Batman Gotham After Midnight #6
GI Joe A New Beginning #0 atkins
GI Joe A New Beginning #0 meyers
GI Joe A New Beginning #0 sketch incentive
GI Joe A New Beginning #0 templesmith incentive
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #51 (this should be the first issue to kick off the reviews I mentioned earlier)
Evil Dead TP
Indiana Jones Magazine #4


Malpractice said...

i'm getting

Batman Gotham After Midnight #6
Blue Beetle #32
Captain America #43
Criminal 2 #6
Daredevil #112
Final Crisis #4
Final Crisis Submit #1
Hellblazer #248
Invincible #54
Runaways #3
Scalped #22
Spirit Femmes Fatale TP
Tales Of The TMNT #51
Terry Moores Echo #7

Tristan Jones said...

As good as I hear it is, I just can't bring myself to pick up Final Crisis. I know they get the cream of the crop to write, but the greater DCU scares me a little. I'm a Batfan, but those big universe spanning events I tend to steer clear of, simply because I sit there going "who is that and which version" (though I am getting better)!

I'm sure there are people out there who are the same with Marvel, but I guess ultimately it all comes down to what you grew up with.

Dragon Turtle said...
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Dragon Turtle said...

Have you ever ordered any of your comics from Graham Cracker Comics? I actually live near one of their stores.

The Preview of Daredevil #112 reminds me alot of "City at War"

Tristan Jones said...

Yeah! I order a bunch of stuff from Graham Crackers, and as far as I know, they're the only way for internationals such as myself (and anyone else outside the UK) to get their mitts on Cereal:Geek Magazine!

Man, I would've loved to have been at one of those stores for the Ghostbusters opening!

I haven't checked out the DD preview as my internet speed is dire! Looking forward to it though. Brubaker is a man who can do no wrong in my eyes!

Greg said...

Noble Causes
Tales of the TMNT
Dynamo 5 (from last week)

Tristan Jones said...

How has X-Factor been going Greg? I keep picking it up whenever it crosses into an event and it's usually the book I enjoy the most. Madrox is the bomb! His story in Messiah Complex was the best part of the whole thing too!

Dragon Turtle said...

So far I've seen three reviews (all solid)so far: