Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monsterism #50

Here's something to make up for the lack of monsterism yesterday.

Monster: Undead Guy
Movie: Lifeforce

What you see above is one of the most hilarious, though undoubtedly sophisticated puppet special effects ever put to film. It tries so hard to look real, it truly does, but in doing that, it fails on so many levels and looks ridiculous. This is from a movie called Lifeforce, which is basically a vampire movie smashed together with Alien. It's terrible, but awesome in its own awful way. It's one of those typical 80's Horror pieces that you dig up in the video store with those terrible 80's style video boxes (usually a black or blue clamshell with the sharp extra bit to the cover) where they all use exactly the same fonts and layouts for the blurbs on the back and show like two or three screenshots with thin white borders or two pieces of promo art for another couple of awful 80's horror flicks released by the same company. They tend to rip other movies off in major ways too.
Anyway, this LifeForce movie stars Steve Railsback (you read right), who was the cult favourite Duane Barry in the X-files two-parter "Duane Barry" and "Ascension" (which is pretty much what kicks the major conspiracy pushing the X-files narrative into high gear), and a rather eerily attractive woman who plays the main space vampire and never wears any clothes. I remember seeing this when I was much younger and finding it somewhat hilarious that there's a full frontal nude shot of her (I was at the age where nudity in movies was funnier than it was arousing... I do believe that this was the first time I saw a vagina on film too). Long story short, the film is insane, worth watching to relive what made 80's horror flicks so special -- no name actors who go on to become cult icons, needless gore and a good balance of surprisingly good and lovably atrocious special effects (wait until you see the woman made of blood, or the vampire man reveal his true form)!


Greg said...

I was watching the recent Resident Evil movie (Extinction) and seeing that pic of this monster reminded me of the zombies. Goodness gracious did those zombies in the movie look vicious!

Tristan Jones said...

Oh, good god, I saw that at the movies. If Ali Larter weren't in it, I'd have walked out five minutes in (I hold the original games far too close to heart!).