Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monsterism #49

Monster: Abe Sapien
Movie: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Thanks to my good mate Jarrod, I was able to attend a special preview screening of Hellboy II last week. I'd actually been meaning to post on this when I saw it, but time got away from me and other things came up (see post below). Anyway, it was FANTASTIC! I enjoyed it more than the first, and particularly enjoyed Abe, who was performed entirely by Doug Jones this time around. For those unaware, Doug was the physical actor behind Abe in the first movie, but was voiced by David Hyde Pierce (of Frasier). Doug seems to cop a bum rap when it comes to these movies he's in. He was really, really good as the Silver Surfer, and his voice (which can be heard in the trailer) is EXACTLY how I hear the Surfer when I read him, but no, Fox went and got Larry "I am eternally Morpheus" Fishburne to redo the voice.
Anyway, while I'm sure people will go back and forth on it for a while yet, I think Doug did a better job here, as the performance felt far more natural (probably because it was natural) and really allowed the dude to shine. Abe is a character I love too, and I think his transition to film has been perfect, as has everyone else in the Hellboy mythology.
The scene (or sequence more accurately) the above shot is taken from is fucking hilarious too!


Greg said...

My goodness how much I loved this movie!

HB: Look at her. I'd die for her. But she wants me to do the dishes.
Abe: I'd die AND do the dishes!

Haha! Abe was the man in this movie.

Tristan Jones said...

Yeah man! Abe is the shit! I thought the first one was a lot of fun, but I really enjoyed this a lot more!