Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Know How I Know More?

Hey hey!

Just dropping in with a quick note to say that I will be once again doing a quick little comic review/chit-chat today on my good friend Simon J Green's radio show "You Know How I Know?" today at 3:00 pm on Melbourne's SYN 907 FM (that's 3:00 pm Melbourne time for those of you O.S.). Keep an ear out, I'll be talking about what is probably one of my all time favourite comic books, along with some of what I consider the best Joker stories in anticipation of The Dark Knight on Wednesday!

Listen online by clicking here (and then clicking the play now button in the top right corner).


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i ' ll listen when i get back from campus.

//Side note ::

I've have asked, i have begged, i've brought it up n' i have PUH -Lead ed. Sure i understand the nature of this biz and i bust my ass and bend over backwords til' i break myself in half tryin' to understand why people hate my work.

I'm gonna just not pursue for now an art Trade with you for now, Instead.. seeing as how i already owe a 1 D.Jourdan and i'll be workin on his stuff too.

I'm gonna go ahead and send you free stuff and work. all on my end and all on me.

You can loathe it, burn it, use it as cat - box liner or rip it into a million itty-bit pieces and use it as confetti at your next pity - party.

whatever.. i'm sendin' you free - art n' stuff so .. you just mull that over for awhile and i'll get back to you.

My beak always comes back !!


Tristan Jones said...

What're you talking about Tok? Your work is cool as! That's why I added you as a DeviantArt friend! If you're wanting me to draw you something, just email me. I've got a few jobs on the go at the moment, so I can't promise it'll happen right away, but all you need to do is email me and ask bud!

Peace out!

~ tOkKa said...

-->>Ok, Blinky Bill, i'll just chalk it all up to my usual, weary, manic, and paranoid mis - communication skills. ( Also my head is spinnin' prepping for CON- ..;( .. )

Guess a ' Trade ' would be back in then.

Shall i use the same email from T-drome ??

- also looks like i got a podcast or whatever to listen too.


Tristan Jones said...

Ah! I see what's happened.. Sorry Dave, my bad. You'd posted a message regarding a trade in a blog posting I hadn't checked up on in a while. Generally I give posts a few days for comments before moving on -- usually I only check the ones that are immediately apparent in their response counts. I must've simply overlooked the blog post with your responses in there. Sorry dude, but yeah, feel free to email me at the email addy from the 'drome.

Tristan Jones said...

Oh, and I don't think you'll be able to listen to my stint now, I think it was all live streaming stuff.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Ok, i'll email you. ..

And yeh .. just found out the hard way !! ::

" Listening on the web is currently not available .. " ..


..meh .. o well .. it's my bad.

I owe ya magic pudding..

..and he'll devour all our souls. >v<