Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taxes and Dark Knights

Just did my tax return. Money back guaranteed.

Also just bought the score to the Dark Knight (I like my scores). It is amazing. The first track ("Why So Serious?") is one of the coolest pieces of music I've heard. I'm also incredibly psyched as tomorrow is the Imax screening and my first Imax movie! I seriously don't think I've been this excited about a movie EVER!


Malpractice said...

"Why So Serious" is a great track, but the rest of it was kind of meh. It's just more typical Zimmer recycled crap.

Tristan Jones said...

Well, i'm not a big Zimmer collector. I only have this and the Begins Score of his, both of which i really really enjoy, though some of the quieter Begins tracks are fairly same-same.

Malpractice said...

I am not a big Zimmer collector either, i only have the Begins, TDK, and Simpsons Movie score.

The thing with Zimmer is that he is part of a group called Media Ventures which consists of several different composers (Klaus Badelt, James S. Levine, Steve Jablonsky, James Dooley, etc.), and basically what they do is recycle the same scores over and over again on their computers, and whoever does the most touch-up work on that particular piece gets the credit for it (hence why even though much of Zimmer's Begins score is used in Transformers he is not credited for it, Steve Jablonsky is).

James Newton Howard on the other hand adds a lot of his own stuff to the Begins score which i think overall enhances it ("Molossus" for example), and he also uses a real orchestra in some parts as opposed to just using a computer program. I was hoping that they would do more with that on the TDK score but other than a track here or there, it's mostly just the same stuff. It's a shame too because "Why So Serious" is such a great track.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> No dig on the film or Heath or anything ..

but as far as characters.. i'm exceptionally partial to Dr. Crane and Dent.

Sadly i was so sad for over a decade with Tommy Lee Jone's awful ' H.Dent'.

I appreciate the fact that not only is the film taking Harvey seriously and the tragedy and his ' mental state ', i am interested in this ' Vigilante ' take on Dent. I really hope we get to see even at least a glimpse of him in some form of Two-face.

Seriously.. Dent,Crane and Oswald have always been much more interesting to be than much of the rest of the Bats cast.

Cilian Murphy's Crane was unexpected in the first film there. Prolly cuz i wasn't expecting it, it just came of exceedingly cool and suprizing. I do like a good suprize in a film and i'm glad he's gonna be back even if the role Scare Crow plays is smaller. Cilian's S.C. was just so damm perfect.

Please don't get me wrong.. Nolan's directions for the films are really taking me time to get used to. I don't know why .. thye just are.

And while i am looking forward to D.K. .. at the same time .. my interest is particular for certain things.

BATMAN is a lucky franchise i guess.. and there is so much to love and hate about it. (( ** Prolly so much more to love .. cuz even i got bit by that Vampire looooooooong ago as well. )), but i guess it's just a certain feeling that Batman Beings portrayed, i saw it and i liked it.. but it just felt off.

That feeling wasn't bad ..nor was it good. And i was thrilled Dr. Crane was a major thorn for Bruce.

At least, if anything .. in Nolan's world there is an Iceberg Lounge. While it is takin' me awhile to come around to this newer Gen of Batman films .. i am tryin' to get used to it.

Between now n' next Wensday i am gonna be Waaaaaaaaay to busy to go see the film ( well i'll try .. but i doubt it ). Trist, if you could post some semblance of a review.. i'd really like to see that.


Tristan Jones said...

Hey Tok, I don't want to give too much away until I know the regs have seen it and there are some discussions on the Drome about it, but if you're passion for Batman lies in Dent's psychological state, then the Dark Knight addresses this very well and sets him up for a third film too. I think what is worth mentioning is the fact that the Joker presents us with some very interesting ideas about human nature and certain individuals in particular. Yes, you do get to see Two-Face for a surprisingly significant portion of the film, and he's neither the villain, nor the vigilante you quite expect. That's all I'll say for now.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..so be it.

I'll flip a coin n' give my therapist a call.

~~ *

" 'Llo , Dr.Crane . . "