Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good News

As things stand at the moment, I will be writing 3 Tales of the TMNT comics in 2009. All three are already in production, one of which (actually two of which) I have been teasing here. At the moment, the three stories are tentatively titled "Expose`", "Them Again", and "Scarred". The last title is likely to change though.

All can be read on their own, all link in to Tales #36, and one will be loosely linked to #50 (which will in turn, link #50 to #36).

I know for sure that Paul (Harmon) is going to be tackling two of these stories once we finish up #50.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Like I said before, happy + jealous. What's the deal, Mirage?


Will Tupper said...

Hearty congrats to you, brother! You truly are a comic-writing wonder.

Also, I really like that "Krang" tattoo pic of your torso that Murph posted on his Blog.

Or at least, that's the new rumor I'll be starting. You wacky Aussie!

Will Tupper

jaster_bensen said...

lol will, good rumor.

i'm so excited about the new(ish) writers and artist Mirage is showcasing, you (Tristan), Will and Paul Harmon are bringing such a great new feeling and breathing life to these characters we never seen. #36 is one of the best issues ever printed from Mirage. thanks! keep 'em coming!

Gale Benning

Tristan Jones said...

Thanks Gale, we're defintely giong to be trying our best to outdo both issue 36 and 50 with what we've got coming up!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> "AUCH DU LIBRE ..i've been Shnookle-d.. "..>v<

Summer said...

It's the dynamic duo. I'm so glad you and Harmon are putting out more Tales.

And, since #36 has been my favorite comic of all time, I'm really looking forward to these.

Tristan Jones said...

Thanks Summer, I'm going to be busting my balls to make sure it's on par in terms of quality!