Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well, I'm home, back into uni, working on comics and some art projects, generally settling back in. Time to prioritize and get down to business. What am I working on right now?

1: Rewriting the second and third issues of The Return of the COWBoys of Moo Mesa.
2: The final batch of art pieces for Cereal:Geek's Tobin's Spirit Guide.
3: A Carebears art piece (you read right!).
4: A short for Heavy Metal Magazine.
5: A Marvel Comics Presents pitch.
6: Tyrant Earth.
7: Dreamland - an Australian horror piece set in rural Victoria, dealing with racial tensions between Aboriginals and a white settlement. Incorporates elements of Aboriginal mythology.
8: Morning of the 4th Day: Another horror piece about a group of recent college graduates reuniting for a weekend on a quiet, holiday island. Probably will be set in Australia.

I'm also working up a couple of ideas for more Turtles stories, including something big which I figured would be worth pitching with the 25th Anniversary coming up.

Anyway, Mirage has just put up the cover and official synopsis for Tales of the TMNT #50, so check that out here.

Here's another teaser for the issue...

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