Saturday, May 10, 2008

Forgetful Jones

I'd been meaning to post this as soon as I got back from the States, but a number of things just got in the way and I simply forgot, so my apologies there!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who came up and spoke to me at the New York Comic Con. It was absolutely amazing being able to meet and speak to people who are just as enthusiastic as myself about the TMNT, comic books and the like, and it was even more amazing being on the other end of the table - actually signing everyone's books and doing sketches for people!

If anyone did get a sketch from me for their books or collections or what have you, could you give me a heads up, I'd love to be able to get a picture of them to post up here!

I'd also like to thank Eric, Mike, Jim and Peter for letting me tag along and making me feel part of the group! This was the first time I'd met these dudes, having only spoken to Eric a couple of times via email and Peter once before as an unashamedly gushing fanboy!

I also can't go without thanking Murph or Dan, Murph, without whom none of this would have been possible and Dan for his constant support since I started working on Turtles. Both are easily two of the coolest people I will ever know.

Also, I know this was posted over on Murph's blog, but this was such an indescribably huge moment for me, largely as a fan, but also as a professional. Being able to meet and hang with these dudes was huge for me, their work is what inspired me to get into comics and is something that's been with me since I was little, so on a professional and personal level this photo means a lot. It was also taken by Peter Laird, who's work means an incredible amount to me personally and serves as a constant source of inspiration in my own work. When I was first told that Peter would be at the NYCC, I was incredibly intimidated, but when I actually met him that melted away immediately, and it was a pleasure and an honour to get to know him over the course of the weekend (God knows how many times I read that book on the flight home!).

These are the dudes who shaped, and continue to shape, my career, and I can never thank them enough.

*Very importantly - Thanks Jess for the ride to Northampton!

One final thing - I have a back-up story appearing in Tales of the TMNT #48. Raph fans keep an eye out! It's being illustrated Kennon James, and inked by Eric Talbot. The core story has been written by good friend Jake Black and features art by TMNT legend Jim Lawson.

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