Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Final Approval

Just got word back from Dan Berger at Mirage - Peter Laird gave final approval to my script for Tales of the TMNT #50! What does this mean? The art can finally start going ahead! Still not sure who will be working on it. From what I hear, Jim's deep into the Mikey mini-series (should be sick!) and still has some issues of Tales AND the ongoing in the works, so there's a chance someone else might be doing the art...

Never been so exhausted after anything in my entire life. Not the script revisions, no, no, no - last night I went and saw the Chemical Brothers with my cousin Kayne who I get to see once in a blue moon. Easily the most stunning show I've ever been to! Easily! Kayne, Jeremy, Cass and myself were cutting sick out there (general admin of course)! I was suprised to see how few people were getting into it - I mean really getting into it. The four of us were dancing mad crazy and everyone else, even the chicks seemed kind of... well... lame.

These two dudes came up to me afterwards and made the same observation, having recognised me as "one of those dudes going nuts out there!"

Massive props to Kayne for setting the whole night up and for making the trip down to Melbourne. He's off to India at the end of this week to begin six months worth of sound design on a film, which sounds like it'll be a total blast!

I'm going to try and get back into the habit of things too...

Here's some Monsterism...

Monster: The Toy Factory Spook
Movie: Scooby-Doo

Much like the aforementioned Elmo in Grouchland, I was the only person above the age of 8 in the cinema when I saw this. I'm a mad crazy fan of the old cartoons - I hated Scrappy-Doo and I do a pretty good Shaggy. Anyway, say what you want about this movie, I loved it and though it wasn't the old 'toon, it was still a lot of fun! The monster designs were particularly cool, and I thought the opening sequence managed to capture the show perfectly. It's still a pretty creepy lookin' dude to!


Summer said...

Congrats on #50!

And kudos to you for getting your groove on regardless (or maybe in spite of) the lame people all around you.

Tristan Jones said...

Thanks Summer! I think at the beginning it was the former, but as the night wore on, it became the latter!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> we 'iz like polar opposites ..

when i was small 'SCRAPPY' WAS the 'DOO !!

.. the original Scooby movie i saw just for fun with my cousin.

but when Scrappy showed up ..i passed out..

and the biggest MOSNTER of 'em all the gang had ever faced .. "SCRAPPY REX" .. i'm sorry ,man ..

just so damm AWSOME !!

.. Ta da da Dat TADA !! ~~** ..

La pudro canino !!


... >v<