Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bunyip Rough and the Long Weekend

Heading away for the long weekend here in Melbourne (Labor Day on Monday), unfortunately I've still got to go into uni on the public holiday, but the weather is going to be stinkin' hot here the next couple of days, and I'm heading down the Peninsula to chill for a bit and earn some dosh.

Here's a bit of a rough for a project I'm working on with Tales #36 artist Paul Harmon, which, from the looks of things should be ready to hit the shelves late in the year. For anyone who ever wondered what a Bunyip looks like, here's how I see it (loosely):In case you don't know, a bunyip is one of those borderline cryptids. Some say it exists, some don't. It's kind of like any other creature of land based folklore, and I'm pretty sure bunyips came from stories warning kids not to go near billabongs and the like here in Australia. They're meant to be amphibious mammals that prey on anything that comes in their territory. Anyway, a couple are featured in this project, but I don't want to say much more than that. Other cryptids are involved, and when I dig up the old sketches I'll post them too.

Woke up this morning to find my car had been egged (along with every other car on my side of the street), which was a joyous occasion, as was washing off the congealed egg yolk and white. Bastards. I'd still love to know who came to my house a few months back (while I was away working) and smeared a big friggin' "T" on my window in egg. Not quite as ominous as it may have been intended, but the fact that someone came into our backyard to do this... I dunno... it's kind of like finding out someone's slept in your bed without you knowing, while you were away.

Anyway, I'm heading in to uni to pick up the six books which are going to put a $300 dent in my bank account and then head off to earn it back! Here's some monsterism...

Monster: The Truck
Movie: Duel

Duel is a film I cannot speak highly enough of. It used to get played late night around the same time during summer each year on Channel 10 here. It's Jaws on the road and is in fact a pre-Jaws Spielberg film! Great suspense, fantastic use of location, and all around just a really good piece of cinema (even though it was originally a tele-movie). There are a couple of dodgey moments of film making here and there, but everything else totally makes up for it. There's a scene where the protagonist visits a small diner, which is one of my all time favourite sequences ever put to film. The Truck itself just kicks all kinds of arse too!

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