Monday, March 10, 2008

Proverbial Cats and Bags

I'd been sitting on it a while now, until I could say something about it, but the big news (for me at least) is that Paul Harmon will be providing the art on Tales of the TMNT #50! Unfortunately, Jim Lawson - the artist I was originally set to work with - was unable to take on the job to to his own massive workload, so Paul was asked to step in just a couple of weeks ago.

I know the roughs of his Leatherhead design are now up on Murph's blog and Ryan's, but bear in mind that they are just that - roughs. They're close to what we're going to have in the end, but having just seen th rough for the cover, they don't really do the colossal scale of our Leatherhead justice. There are some very noticeable differences in the latter design changes, so keep an eye out and hopefully I'll be able to post something soon! If anyone knows how physically massive some of the characters in the Capcom fighting games can be (I always think Birdie, for those in the know, but he's almost on par with the Juggernaut from X-men and well... Marvel vs Street Fighter).

Oh, and the creature in the post below is part of the same project!



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