Monday, March 03, 2008


This is an example of the artwork being done by Fernando L. Gonzales, the artist I'm currently working with on Ryan Brown's (tentatively titled) "The Return of the C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa".

Pretty slick, kind of like Frank Fosco meets Rick Veitch or Richard Corban.

Big thanks to Tokka for the heads up!


mollinger said...

Hey Tristan, great posts!

Hey I went to the 'Modern Gentlemen' comic launch on the way to Ding Dong Lounge the other night...popped in, checked out the freaky freakness on screen...then went to get my comic on the way out, I opened it up and was surprised to see your mug on the inside cover! I didn't know you were involved. So i then did a couple of laps but couldn't see ya, and had to leave. Modern Gentlemen is an impressively twisted book; congratulations.


Tristan Jones said...

Yeah, I'm pissed I missed that actually. Unfortunately, comics aren't paying the bills totally these days, and over the summer I was working in a restaurant on the peninsula. The Modern Gents night was one of those unfortunate things were I had to work. Dave Jackson put his heart and soul into that book, so grab it (everyone else that is)! Mind you, it's not for the easily offended!