Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spirit Guide and TMNT Update, What's Good

==============I just got an official list of what will be published in the upcoming horror special of Cereal:Geek magazine (check it out here here, here and buy it here):

Outside of the already previewed characters a couple of posts below, I'll also be doing write ups and art for -

The Boogieman (The Boogieman Cometh)
Hob Anagarok (Cold Cash and Hot Water)
Cthulhu (The Collect Call of Cthulhu)
Deep Ones (The Collect Call of Cthulhu)
Gregor (No One Comes to Lupusville)
Morganan (Chicken, He Clucked)
Charles Foster Hurst (Ghostbuster of the Year)
Proteus (Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster)
The Ugly (Slimer Come Home)
Watt (Mrs. Rogers' Neighbourhood)
Big Blue (Take Two)
The Amalgam (Station Identification)
Samhain's Goblins (When Halloween Was Forever, Halloween 2.5)
The People Busters (Flip Side)
The Deadly Three (Short Stuff)
Ragnarok (Ragnarok 'n' Roll)

Should be fun, hopefully I'll have some previews up by the weekend.

Over in the Turtle camp, my most recent issue of the Titan "Fast Forward" material should have hit the newsagents over in the UK by now, so tell your English friends to get them and get some for your good selves (I'm still holding on to hope that Titan will eventually collect all these into a little digest book or something).
I've also just handed in what I'm hoping (HOPING) will be the final revision of Tales of the TMNT #50! It's been a hell of a lot of fun and it's certainly a step in the other direction to Tales #36, but I think the two still fit rather nicely in the same universe. It's more of a fun adventure with moments of seriousness. All four Turtles are there this time, as is Leatherhead (who looks awesome from the rough I saw, given him a bit of a different look for this one) and some kick-arse Aussie villains! It's monsters, mutants, mercenaries and mayhem! Hopefully I can let more go later, but for now this'll have to do!

Went and saw the new Rambo movie last week, which kicked all kinds of hilarious arse! Such a ludicrous film, insanely violent (to the point where you become totally desensitised to it), but still a good bit of fun!
Also caught the mist, which wasn't bad. Certainly surpassed all my expectations of it, which where set fairly low (sorry!). Tom Jane rocked in it though!
Just going back to insane violence, I just picked up the recent printing of Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway and Katsuya Terada's retelling of The Monkey King. Two very different kinds of insane violence, one absurd and hilarious, the other absurd and grotesque.
I've been a massive fan of Steve Purcell for God knows how lone, with Sam & Max easily ranking as some of my favourite comic books of all time. I was lucky enough to meet Steve at San Diego Comic Con last year, and the dude was one of the most awesome people anyone could want to meet - totally hilarious, totally generous and really happy to talk to fans.
The Monkey King is a completely different monster. If you took Monkey/Journey to the West, pumped it full of testosterone and gave it a sharp injection of Ninja Scroll, you'd have Terada's version. The artwork is absolutely fantastic, though the story (so far at least) seems to be a demon-of-the-chapter sort of deal, where Monkey, Piggsy and Sandy all get attacked by different demons (usually in the guise of some ludicrously voluptuous woman with her tits out) each chapter and move on to the next. BUT, I'm not finished with it yet, so I'm sure it will alter course at some point!