Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Favourite of the Books and Worst of the Movies

Went to see the new Harry Potter movie today (Order of the Phoenix). Can't say I was impressed. The book was my favourite so far (though Half-Blood Prince and Prisoner of Azkaban were excellent too), but the movie was just so... forgettable... The whole thing plodded, with nothing much happening and then when the climax arrived - which in the book, read to me as a very exciting and tense event - just whizzed by. It's like Diet Harry Potter. Diluted with water. Warm tap water. Even by film standards.

That aside, with it being the school holidays here, the cinema was jam packed with pre-adolescent punks and families with small children and nothing better to do. What really stood out was how many of the parents clearly hadn't read the book or paid any attention to the classification. It irks me somewhat when parents bring kids incapable of sitting still, with attention spans of nanoseconds, and are the ones screaming as soon as something remotely frightening or loud occurs on screen. Generally they're under the age of 6. But I just don't get why?! The movie is rated M 15+ for a reason! They might as well have their phones on while they're a... OH! Wait! They do!

Same thing happened in Batman Begins, Spider-Man, Revenge of the Sith, The Lord of the Rings movies, King Kong... too many more to count, but I really wish parents would just stop and think about what they're doing and about other people before deciding to bring a kid to a movie just because "it's Batman" (parent = "Adam West was Batman!").

I'm going to stop before I go insane with the ranting. It's half-midnight, and I've been stacking shelves. Time for bed.



Lucas said...

C'MON! Order of the Phoenix? Worst-Potter-book-ever.

600 pages, no plot. Just a bunch of sub-plots waiting for something to happen.

(But you have the taste to like The Living Daylights so I can't bag you too much...)

Tristan Jones said...

I know, I know, but in retrospect, I'm sure if I read it now, I probably won't like it as much as I did then.

Comic's out this week Lucas, you better be buyin'!

roseangelo said...

I was similarly underwhelmed with the Order of the Phoenix movie. Maybe I'll like it better the second time, but as of right now it's probably my least favorite of the five movies.

Oh well, all I really care about is getting the book Friday night!