Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dance into the Fire

It's been one of those days. Nothing much happened and it's been bitterly cold the majority of the day. I was informed today that we've crossed the two-week barrier - now there're only thirteen days until my first big trip overseas! Kinda bummed out this morning - although it's not necessarily the best source of information regarding the release dates of smaller press comic books, my issue of Tales of the TMNT wasn't on this weeks Diamond Shipping List update. Maybe next week? I hope it is this week though, the anticipation as things grow nearer is brutal! I'm sure once it's out the crew at Mirage will breathe a sigh of relief ("Finally, it's out, it's over!")

Watched The Living Daylights again tonight. Easily one of my favourite Bond movies! It's always a controversial point, but Dalton is easily my favourite Bond too. I think it has something to do with the first Bond you're exposed to, but you can never bring up your favourite 007 without entering some sort of shitstorm argument about the pros and cons of each.

Still, Duran Duran's theme for View to a Kill is stuck in my head...

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