Thursday, February 04, 2010

iPad, Like Women Sanitary Name

If Fujitsu, sued the use of patents, iPad, not so with women. IPad name, is considered similar to a brand of sanitary napkins.

IPad name, is currently being discussed everywhere. Many Internet users claimed was impressed with the tablet device, the Apple production. But also not a few who made it as a joke.

"Are the women in the world, unwilling to send their husbands to buy the Apple Store iPads," a joke that circulated among Twitter users.

In fact, as quoted by the Associated Press, Monday (1/2/2010), a video currently circulating on YouTube. In the video 'MadTV' was aired a commercial comedy brand associated with iPads bandage.

Fortunately, according to advertising experts in America, the name iPad is not so bad. Even the use of the letter "i" in front of the product consistency is characteristic of Apple, which is attractive to consumers.

Previously, Apple's secret product names are similar to the iPhone. Even as Apple's silence, many names appear, starting from iTablet, iTab, until iSlate. But Apple still choose iPad.

Based on records, patent and trademark office, in America, until now there are approximately 20 people or companies who want to use the name iPad, iPads, and They are the companies engaged in the vaccination, office equipment, cleaning makeup, lingerie, and electronics.


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