Monday, February 15, 2010

Car Insurance In Developing Countries

Although auto insurance isn't required in some developing countries, the bank requires insurance if the cars are financed. With the high prices of cars in developing countries, this moving asset is exposed to unpredictable traffic, reckless drivers, flood, theft, and such petty theft as lifting of rear view mirrors and hubcaps. In many country, the drivers have also been known to duplicate the car keys, which are later given to thieves to steal the car. Make certain that you know exactly what your coverage would be in this instance. Stolen automobiles are seldom recovered; they're cut up for spare parts or the numberplate is modified or they're quickly shipped to the other provinces or states. In the few rare instances in which a stolen car is recovered, they're typically in terrible shape.

So, how to safe your car against the theft? I think it's better for you to employ a driver that comes highly suggested by somebody who's employed him for a significant time period.

In case of a car accident, your car insurance company will decides the repair shop that you must use. It would be better to find which repair shop they use in case of a car accident, because untrained repairmen can do significant damage to your car.

If you're not fluent in language of the country you are visiting in developing countries, I advise you to use caution in making the decision to drive your own car in those countries. Because, in case of an accident foreigners will most likely be “declared” as the guilty party regardless of the fact that the noncitizen or foreigner could be liable for the accident. If you have a driver, please allow your driver handle the case at the scene of the accident.

Please carefully decide your insurance firm as your car insurance (third party liability, own damage, personal accident of driver and passengers) and the price shouldn't be your only priority. Be aware that you'll find many low premium providers and the value of such products will only be discovered after your claim.

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