Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thank You

I realise it's been a damn long time since I posted here (probably not really, but it does feel that way), and since I last posted, Tales of the TMNT #61 has been released to some stores across the world and even reviewed by some very generous folks across the intertrons!

I've also moved into a new home in North Carlton, for those who know where that is, with two of the coolest cats you could ask to have on deck. To top it off, I've landed a new day job at a swanky restaurant/bar on Chapel Street (for those who know where THAT is), so I'm financially secure again!

Anyway, back to the interesting stuff -- Tales #61 has hit, and I really want to say thanks to everyone for the responses so far! I've had some reviews that really blew me away and while I haven't had a chance to speak to Andres in a while, I'm absolutely positive he feels the same way I do. We really wanted to give you guys something fun with a dash of awesome-sauce, and I knew Andres would make good even if I fell short! Thanks for saving my ass, mate!

From what I hear, the official release is this coming Wednesday, so if yours wasn't in during week that just passed, don't freak out!

In other news, I'm working on a TV show pilot with the lads from Green Rabbit Productions, which we we're looking at being something of an Aussie Attack of the Show with some home grown influences thrown in to mix it all up a bit, and I've already lined up an interview with Dan Didio of DC Comics along with a short documentary on "Girl Gamers", so hopefully things take off. I've been told we have a director from Channel 10 lined up and keen to be on board, so fingers crossed!

Anyway, here are some links to some stuff I've been part of lately...'s review of Tales #61 (Thanks Bill!)'s article on Hun's intro to the Mirage Universe
TMNT Entity's review of Tales #61 (Thanks Mark!)
GoGreenMachine.Org's review of Tales #61
Walt Kneeland's review over at Comixtreme
and Aris of's review!

Thanks again everyone! Here's hoping you all dig #64 (which could quite possibly be my last Tales of the TMNT)!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> All good news .. all GREAT NEWS.

so this is like a fresh start in a way ?! ?!


Far as TALES ..

never say 'never'..

You didn't..

but please don't say it.

Greg said...

Tristan, man, you are kicking too much ass on this title. Just finished reading my copy and this is just amazing. Each story of your just gets better and better. They should give you your own book, bruh. This has been non-stop a great ride. And it's great to see the officer again helping out. Now just waiting for the man, Baron, himself. Oh boy!