Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hey, Long Time No See


Been a little while (well... since posting anything meaningful anyway)!

I was going to do a massive post-Comic Con blog post, but I was tweeting pretty regularly (well, each night anyway) and to be honest, I've talked about it and told the same story to so many people that I'm kinda over telling it. I will say this though -- in spite of the craziness that was SDCC 09, I had a fantastic time. I met a shitload of cool people and while the idea of having fans of my work still kinda trips me out, I really do appreciate everyone who came up and spoke to me and who said they dug what I was doing. Hopefully you'll keep following what I do outside of the Turtles, as Andres and I have something really cool on the go that I think you'll all REALLY dig.

Some big things happening. I'm pretty much flat broke and unemployed right now, and if it weren't for my mum I wouldn't be eating right now. My parents separated a while ago, but from what I gather it's really only become something "official" of late. I don't care what anyone says, or what age you are when it happens, it hits hard no matter who you are. In fact, I think the longer your parents were together, the harder it is when they split. Anyway, that's caused a huge number of problems in my family but we're getting by well. I'd also like to thank the people who've been supporting me through it. I'll admit I've been kind of avoiding social situations because a) I don't want to be drag when I know stuff like this makes me all introverted and b) I don't like venting my problems or troubling people with them when everyone else has their own shit to deal with.

Also, in spite of everything going on at the moment, I've already found a place to move into in North Carlton with a couple of new friends that I'm really excited about. I've pulled out of my studies (I was studying secondary teaching) after thinking about the direction of my life and who I've been doing things for and all that rot. A few discussions with friends at SDCC and people I look up to on a professional level really hit home and I've decided to focus solely on my writing, because really, I want nothing more than to keep telling stories. I have never been more in my element than when I'm writing a comic script, and I've decided to pull back on everything and just focus on making a real go of that. Of course, I've also gotta find work to support this decision, so that's what's on the agenda for the immediate future.

Right now on the comics front, I'm working on my own things, and just making new friends and contacts to try and tell more stories and get them out there to the people I think/hope will dig them. As far as the Turtles go, there are some really cool things in the future, but right now, I'm not a part of that. I still have a shitload of stories I want to tell, and I've heard there are some avenues being explored for next year and beyond, but nothing has been set in stone. All I can say is that all you guys and gals out there NEED to let Mirage know what you want (whether it involves me or not) because in spite of what some people may say or try and have you believe, Mirage do hear you.

In other news, I'm in this great mode at the moment. I've rediscovered INXS, just read a shitload of fantastic comics and Third Eye Blind have recorded songs for Rock Band. Today has been a good day. Gonna post a monsterism soon too, but in the mean time, here's something cool. Yes the influences are obvious, but I could not give a shit. I'm even calling him "The Chuck". That's right. "The". "Chuck".


Greg said...

Great to hear from you, Tristan. You know with whatever you come out with, it's gonna be a demand for me to check out. Thus far I've enjoyed whatever I seen you produced. I hope all goes well for you, both professionally and personally. I know I got yo' back, homie! 8-)

Also, over the weekend I was hanging out with an internet buddy I met for the first time and at one point we ended up talking about you. I was surprised and excited to meet someone else who knew Tristan Jones, heh heh.

P. Bing said...

It was fantastic to get to meet you at the SDCC, Tristan. Thanks for putting up with all our fanboyish eccentricities.

You're so right on the parent-separation front. My parents started the slow and painful divorce process when I turned 25 and it totally rocked my world something fierce.

You've got my condolences, man.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

My parents split when I was 9, and it was weird then, so I can only imagine that it gets worse after you've lived a good portion of life with them together. Good luck with all that, man. I'm glad to hear you're sticking with the writing! Pulling out of a safety net is frightening, but when you've got nothing holding you back, you go for your dreams even harder. You're good at this thing, so this is where you should be.

Ross said...

As Futurama proved, the French language will not survive into the future.

Imagine a Monkey Island spinoff set in the future! Sort of like Space Usagi or Space Ace.

And I know you'll hate it and hate me for saying it, but as I said over sushi "welcome to the club." It's hard but sometime you'll accept that you're in it and feel a lot better.

Daniel Schwarz said...

Hey Tristan. I've been keeping up with you on twitter, so I don't feel like it's been that long since hearing from you. Good luck with everything your writing right now. Keep us posted as I look forward to reading it all.

Best wishes!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. o and belated tidings , dear dear sir.

Again the other year .. you bastard ..

you crossed the line of me diggin and bein fan of your work , the other week you proved how inspirational you are as a friend.

Know what , after this past experience you fuggin' still think i'm a freek and that i wouldn't support you and and Andres and your publishing endeavors , or even let the fan part of that dwindle..

or even that supportive side as being your pal..

well than f7ck that and f8ck you.

it's only solidified even more now.

i don't go insane out of my way to make people i care about so happy as i did doin all that mad cap pushing and marathon art for people unless i really really give a fuck about 'em. So whatever.

Sure i make my choices , but facts is facts and it takes it's toll on me physically and mentally.. but i cross my fingers it was all worth it memorable .. and i was able to leave some good, lasting , and fond memories and even some momentoes of the limited time spent enjoying the comradery.

Whatever.. i'm well beyond sick of not mattering , counting , or meaning sh7t to this psychotic industry and to all those twisted money grubbin fat cats that would rather see a bat out of hell like me buried than actually being able to share my freekish endeavors.

Luckily that's changing ever so slowly in some very small ways and some profound ones.

And if you think you weren't part of that drive, again


U ..

cuz you're good people..

and and pretty important to me.


- - i'm glad i didn't say good bye to you cuz it gives me this chance to say ..


So long from the Chopped liver Factory.

I'll be back in a bit.


Brendan McGinley said...

Dig that pirate.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> aha .. the mastery of the madness of mind and the misgivings that one comes to attest once one thinks they have mastered theirs.

O one to dream of the inner mind control of the true masters, one i am not .. one i perhaps never be.

To deal within the amass and disarray of this corporeal being and brain typing this non-sense perhaps may be my fate and final lot.

Those that hate me and wish me gone, so to you are welcome to your wishes. So sadly for those wishes i am not dead yet. So sorry.

Misgivings, Mis-communication , Misdirection, Missed opportunity Missed and messed up .. .. Mr. and Mrs. Miss USE and Mr. and Missus Misunderstandings .

Tangled webs i seem not to weave but some how, like an idiot i fall into them. Then again that mind of mine is something monstrous within itself , a monster with a mind and thoughts of it's own and as many legs as one could count.

Still it doesn't mean i'm bad .. it's just part of the challenge i must face.

I try not to bitch about .. and i hope i am a tiny bit stronger in fighting this beast.

Sure many will say and thing that i'm worse than Hitler, Moldy Bread, your mother-in-law's cooking , and reverse barreled handguns.

Ah ..the pain , the slings, the MISconceptions , the stereotypes and the flings..

Yeh some of us really do beg to normal.

Sadly larger things, external and so extraordinary for this feeble being to comprehend say that a creature such as myself is not allowed such things and measures of meaning in this existence.

I suppose that makes my heart weaker, maybe stronger in some ways.

Yet perhaps those are truly so very bothered that every last thing that i do comes from the heart.

so be it.

i remain a fucking monster to so many.

Monster .. maybe ..

it doesn't mean i'm bad.

S'long , folks.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> After this last horrid week and weekend , a friend pointed out his concern on my posting here.

Like an idiot , my typical phrasing and wordiness is spouted off without really double checking wheat the f6ck i am really saying or how i may come off .

I look back now and the first posting while initially was meant as a sign of support, praise and honoring of friendship. It came off as abrasive and hard. That was unintentionally tough. Still it is my fault.

My apologies to all.

I made as ass of myself as usual.

Tokka = forever a W .I . P.



(( still glad the weekend is over though. ))