Friday, June 26, 2009

We Be Fast...

Okay, so, I just beat "Ghostbusters" on the PS3! Probably the most fun I've had playing a video game since... well...


I guess since "Twilight Princess" first hit! That might not mean much to some, but my TMNT fandom is only outdone by my love of "Indiana Jones", "Ghostbusters" and the "Legend of Zelda".

Anyway, here's my mini-mini-midgety review:

Shitloads of fun. As I said, the most fun I've had playing a video game in a LONG time. The story is great, and really feels like "Ghostbusters". The dialogue and scripting is fantastic, but one should expect no less from Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd themselves (they did write both movies, remember?). There is one fairly jarring chunk of exposition that probably could have been done away with and replaced by another level that would have covered it and extended the relatively short game a bit more.

The multiplayer is also a HEAP of fun, and if anyone wants to play, my ps3 callsign is DoomButton (one word, 'zactly as written there), so add me to your PSN buddy list and I'm more than happy to have a muck around when I get the chance.

There is a very neat explanation for a lot of the things left dangling in the films too, but I'm kinda glad they didn't explain how Stay Puft comes back properly (if I ever got the chance to write the comics I have an explanation up my sleeve that I'd love to use).

No news on any Turtles comics, or anything else. At the moment work is dry (read: none) so I'm working on a book with Andres Ponce at the moment -- tentatively titled "Dirty Deeds". Kind of an adult-oriented "Star Wars" sorta thing with a bit of "Gunsmith Cats" and a bit of "Cowboy Bebop" also thrown in for good measure. I've already put up some teaser artwork, some of which was originally planned to go with a Turtles pitch, but that's since changed (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)


~ tOkKa said...

-->> T, .. i found a decent version of this !!

Remember i was talkin' about Ps2 !?

Essentially it's the Wii version.

Hell .. i amy not even get the Wii version.

I'll take the Ps2 Version until i can ween myself off it and get the PS3 v.

Ross said it was lockin' up on him .

Are you and your family able to play with minimal glitches ?!



Hope all is well ,eh ..!?

The S said...

So... no Touch & Go for Tales? :(

Tristan Jones said...

Doesn't look like it I'm afraid. I haven't heard from Dan about the pitches yet, so there may be an extremely slim chance, but I don't think it'll happen. I hear Jake started work on an approved story the other day, which I think means that all the story placements have been allocated...

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. HO BOI