Friday, May 22, 2009

Exposé. Skrulls. Jobs. Poos.

...well, maybe not that last one. Not here anyway. Really keen people may want to check out my twitter for poo-related postings!

Anyway, got an email from Eric Talbot today to say that Tales #59 was good to go! Had a look at the final product and am really proud of it! I really hope I get to see Lauren Stanton and King Cobra come back, and I hope you people reading dig both of enough to make that happen!

For those of you interested in the production side of things, Andres ran into a slight problem with the toning for the upcoming #61, in that what I think most will agree was an awesome way of presenting night time atmosphere using the greys (not the aliens) had to be altered. The original is posted somewhere below (maybe immediately) if you want to take a gander. Anyway, the problem was that the greys essentially weren't going to work with the printer, as it was too dark overall. Andres raised the brightness, and the scene kinda lost the neat, noir effect we'd been trying to create with the book. After consulting with both Dan and longtime Turtles artist Dario Brizuela, Andres hit upon a solution. Luckily he wasn't too far into the toning so there wasn't a need to redo a lot of stuff. Anyway, below is a look at a page Andres sent me. The first version is the one that had the raised brightness, the second one involves some minor tweaking, but it really does make a difference. I've also attached the original toned page too.

A while back, some of you may have noticed cryptic posts regarding the Skrulls, which are ugly green shapeshifting bastards from outerspace bent on ruining our way of life and taking our planet for themselves. There was something to that that linked to certain events involving my family that I'm not quite ready to talk about yet, but tomorrow the "Secret Invasion" so to speak will be pretty much over. There is a heavy cost to it all, and I can tell now that things aren't going to be easy for myself, my brother or my mother, but we're going to have to work out a way of making do. Part time study, here I come... looks like I'll have to start hitting the "I loathe doing this, but must" jobs again, too.

Anyway, inspite of all the bad, San Diego is around the corner, and hopefully I'll be able to sort something out sometime soon. Hopefully more Turtles, because I love it more than anything, but hopefully there'll be some other songs I can sing being belted out in the near future. Which reminds me, I found out I missed out on a writing gig I was really hoping for simply because of licensor procedural dealios. I was asked to pitch for something a while back that I would kill anyone to do (serious... or am I?) and missed out (which I thought I would) but it was only because I was asked to pitch as a back-up in case a pitch that the licensee had thought had been nixed was nixed. As it turns out, it wasn't, it just took them fucking ages to get back to the licensee, and by the time my pitch was looked at, the spot was filled. Fingers crossed for next time though!

Anyway, enough doom and gloom. Make sure your orders are in for this baby, because it's on the shelves this month!

Peace out!



~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. SH8t , Oh ' Shit , & OMG ..

it doens't look bad all ..the tone's were initially drenched. Looks a little lighter .. so what .

The lines really become impressive on Paul's and Andres shtick .. a lightening of it does not make it any less noir.

Maybe a little more um , ' ANIMATED ' .. ..but these look great !! !

What the hell is "licensor procedural dealios" ?!

And who do i need to bite in the knee cap ?!

Tristan Jones said...

You're spot on about the "animated" bit Dave!

Licensor procedural dealios just mean it took them longer to sort their shit out than the licensee expected.

Kneecap my dad.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> something has come out of the dealio then ?!