Monday, April 06, 2009


Sorry for the delay in relatively meaningful posts. I've been pretty under the hammer thanks largely to a rather serious situation at home and the sudden deluge of assignment due dates at uni.

I just presented a seminar on Jean Piaget and his theories regarding cognitive learning (Ross, you probably know what I'm on about) which had me working pretty solidly, and also had to present one on the traits of good action/adventure genre films (used Raiders as a model, natch!).

Couple of bits and pieces that have come about that I'm excited about -- after all the Resident Evil retreads, one of my favourite games of all time is finally getting the make-over it deserves; Silent Hill. I'm a massive Silent Hill fan, but reconnecting the PS2 to play what has become a horrendously dated (but still very effective) title is getting kind of old. I always felt the original Silent Hill was hampered by its PS1, and ever since the second one came along I'd hoped there'd be some sort of revisit (Silent Hill 2 was probably the best experience in cerebral horror I've had), so I'm hoping that with everything that's hit the series since, this redo will be something special.

Brother bought Castlevania Judgment (isn't it Judgement?), been having a tonne of fun on that (I don't care what Castlevania fans say, at least this isn't another boring Metroidvania title!) and we picked up Dragonball Z Burst Limit on the PS3 for like 20 AUD! Could be us just passing the time with other fighting games until the TMNT one hits, but both of these have been a lot of fun (thankfully now that my assessments are out of the way for a while I can play them a bit more).

Saw Friday the 13th remake. Good, but far from great. In all honesty, it didn't have the wow factor it should have had. I liked the new Jason. Really liked the new Jason actually. There was one slightly baffling part where Jason manages to jump onto the roof of the house that had me in stitches for a while... who knew Jason was a ninja?
The main problems with it, in my mind? The ludicrous predictability of the whole thing and the fact that, outside of Jason running, this film didn't really bring anything new to table. It felt exactly like the very movies I thought it was trying to revamp. I'm holding on to hope that Nightmare does better than this. Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy is a very positive sign, and what I'm hearing about the story is even better!

Ghostbusters 3 is continuing to move ahead. Woot!

I'm booked into a hotel in San Diego now, something very shmick at a very, VERY reasonable price. Very excited to see that Egon will be the Mattel SDCC exclusive too! Andres Ponce told me the other week that he's pretty much all set to go, so I'm excited to meet the guy finally. I'm not going to show it, but I saw the inked version of the cover to #61 and it looks unreal! Steve Lavigne's colored version will probably be up on the official TMNT website before long, so keep an eye out.

Awaiting my government stimulus package. Aussie government is going to be giving me 1000 dollars for being a student. Double woot!

Been hitting the gym pretty solidly lately too, did myself some damage last week, but all worth it. I'm finally back to a level of fitness and weight I'm comfortable at. Got pretty unhealthy for a while there, and I've been determined to get back into a pair of jeans I was wearing after San Diego in '07, which I can now do, so I'm happy! Running farther and lifting more weights than I could before then too, meaning I'm healthier and in better shape than I was when I was in good shape!

Anyway, gotta bail, got some work to do and jobs to find!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> O my .. !!

Wait wait..

Resident Evil RETAR- - ..

..wait WHAT?!


err.. hey good luck, Butterball !! !!


Ross said...

Haha, yeah that's funny and awful that you're taking Piaget. This is my last week of classes and I'm so glad that I've largely left guys like him behind.

When you get some free time give me a work email. Also, I'll be able to play online games starting later this month.