Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter! I just got back home after being on the move for a while (uni assigments and work... same old, same old). I've been working a fair bit out of my university email account, so if you've emailed my regular account and haven't heard back, give me a day!

I was talking to Dan Berger, Andres Ponce and Paul Harmon a week or so ago about some marketing strategies and here's one I hope everyone will get involved with.

We're going to start creating banners for Tales, so when they hit Previews, we'll update the banners, so new fans will know when to go and get their preorders in. Here's the one for #59, which follows up the Hun story that just came out a couple of weeks ago. So, take this, put it into your message board or forum signatures or whatever and just help get word out. All the talkin' is done for you peeps! We'll be rolling out a couple of others soon too, but for now, here's the starting point. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out!

Also, another review has gone online for #56! Check it out here:


ooo-zah said...

Banner idea is a a very good one Trist. Will use this to spread the word as well.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ahh, Tokka .. you fool ..

as the month has dripped on .. and the chaos continues to ensue, stride to the best of one's abilities is all one can really hope to ascertain and well maintain.

Multiple projects simultaneously .. again as usual has works for and against as the obsessive nature of working forward trying to get out from behind the 8 - ball.

This can actually be good for me and the power i manifest to create also offsets the destructive time-bomb i represent anymore.

Yeh it is the clincher.

Yes people know me and of me.

Therein all they see in me is the time-bomb.

No one has to like it at all !!

And in all fairness..

none of you people have to like me.

But as i unnecessarily digress, the truth be told

..amoung the entropy i obsessively working thru' there is a near completed piece for you, good sir.

Now if the piece becomes to much of a symbol of negativity as reflected last week and you despise it .. so be it.

There's nothing i can do about it ..

.. and i shall destroy it.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. o BTW and "NO THANKS" to me..

that being the case , and thus being ' shafted ' ..

i refuse to cooperate and use that banner in any shape, manner or form..

..but i will make my own.


Tristan Jones said...

Tok, what are you talking 'bout? I can't work out how your first post relates to what I wrote, and your second post has me scratching my head trying to figure out what's going on?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. don't worry about it ..

i've lost my mind.

The Banner move is a simple and effective tool kudoes to you , A !, and Dan ..

PEOPLE , GET GOIN' ON THIS .. SPREAD THE WORD and steal the banners!!

Or be like me and make your own !!

IT REALLY WORKS ..and one of the simplest ' online ' words - of - mouth to get the name ' TALES - ' out there and to get the book into the kiddies fingers !! !!

Now .. ..'scuse me.. i 've gotta get back to my brooding.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. insane or not..

being evil has it's advantages .

So thus the decree is set out by the masters of the Foot Clan ::

YOU MUST GET TO THE GROUND - ROOTS and support TALES of the TMNT virally ,verbally , virtually , veritavly , forum-ally , facebookally, Myspace-ally , in the alleys and subways, with your friends and enemies..

and when the likes of those goody two-shoes Turtles plastered all over your sigs and sonic-cyber greetings isn't good enough.

Seed the green with evil.

** Thus is offered to you, woeful supporters the alternate t2z - BOOTLEG Tales- Banners ** .

Cuz sometimes supporting the coolest comic books ever requires some tough,spiky love and putting your best FOOT forward..and helping 'Tales- ' in conquering the WORLD !!

..and um well .. it keeps Tokka outta trouble.

( for now.. ).


Tristan Jones said...

These look cool Tok, but there's one problem: the banners are advertising specific Tales issues ("Available June, in Previews #247" for example). People might look at them and wonder what they're trying to say outside of how cool Tales is. The imagery is cool, but a little non-specific, if that makes sense.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> YES YES , i know ..

but that's the point from this end

"To Support not just too support the books coming out in the Summer ( which i do ) .. but books coming out a week from now, a month from now, freekin' 10 months from now, freekin' 10 years from now !!

Yes yes .. who in the hell in their right mind doesn't want another decade of TALES books and another 10,000 T.Jones stories ?!
Work with me here, Dingo !!

If it takes a ding-dong who ain' quite right in his mind to see that far ahead and to be cautiously optimistic about things .. then so be it.'Sides arguably more positive an effort than some of the other things i've been thinkin' and struggling about anyway.

Yes .. i wanted these to be non - issue specific, intriguing .. and a major W T F eye-catcher .. something i seem to get so much anymore.

so why fight it !! ?!

Support the book as a whole !!

Also .. taking off on Dan's "regular " banner ads, something he's been having people use for years now.

See what i'm getting at ?!

IF it is deemed so and you WISH me to promote a specific issue, i don't mind going back and tweeking the ones i made .. or make a whole batch of new ones.

There's that evil Skeleton guy ' thing ' i am makin' for ya.. that peice can easily be recycled for more free bootleg banners for you or Dan or whatever.. or whoever.

Things can always be changed, switched around to be more specific.

.. .. -anyway , you got a headache yet ??


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i'll go ahead and lie.

Seein as how i'm such a FlickR whore and for some weird reason of all the site accounts i have .. the numbers for global traffic on there run into the millions..

I'l lgo ahead and load ALL of DAN's Tales banners and upload 'em on the FlickR ect. to add 'em to the collection .

Maybe that'll balance out the ones' i made.

I hope you guy's will out there and make your own as well, or at least Steal some from Dan ( or me ) !!


Longleggedmackdaddy said...

I'm pumped about your run on TMNT so far. You and Paul are really taking the boys in green back to their roots. I'd love it if you two could write your own TMNT series...but that's getting way ahead of ourselves. Until then keep up the good work!

malpractice said...

tristan, what's your email address ? i have to ask you about something promotion-wise for issue #61.

Andrew J said...

Banner: Posted!
Word: Passed!

There is absolutely no excuse for Tales not selling as much as the big two. Let's get this thing moving.

~ tOkKa said...