Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bit of a Rollercoaster of a Day

Woke up this morning strangely early. Like 4:30 early. Bad sign. Got up, had breakfast, watched some cartoons and got all the layouts ready for the Cereal:Geek "Tobin's Spirit Guide" pages (fans of the cartoons should definitely dig it). While I was doing this, I found out I missed out on a job I really wanted. Kinda demoralizing, but I was ready for it. This put me into like a weird neutral for most of the day. Had to run to my first Film Studies class, which was cool -- met a dude I used to study writing with in a course I started straight out of high school, so that was a good catch up and then also caught up with a good friend I'd made the year before at uni.

Got home, did some more Spirit Guide stuff, then Photoshop kacked its guts and I lost an entire Werechicken (good couple of hours work). Drew some Care Bears (yes... you read it right), did some scripting and then headed back to uni for a lecture. Fell asleep. Woke up. Left, went and picked up my comics from my mate and went home. Still in like a weird neutral mode.

Read a couple of comics, then went and met a friend for dinner and stayed over there for a bit which was good, kinda took my mind of what a weird day it'd been. Left around 10:30, only to find my car battery had died. Felt terrible for keeping friend up while I waited for my brother to bring some jumper leads around (dude's a nightowl). He arrived, I jumped the car and the next thing I know it's 1:21 am Thursday morning.

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