Thursday, January 08, 2009

Too Awesome


Greg said...

WTFUDGE?!? Casey with a piece?!

Btw, bro, you gonna be at the NYCC?

Tristan Jones said...

Paul has done some really slick stuff with this particular sequence, but there's no way in Hell anyone is seeing more than this until March! ;)

Unfortunately it's a no mate! I'm bummed about it, but when I weighed it all up it made more sense to hit San Diego again. By that time I'll have I think about five or six books out there (not including the Titan stuff), rather than just the three. I'll also have something REALLY cool from Cereal:Geek by then hopefully, and now that I've finished the last of my 09 TMNT work, hopefully Moo Mesa and Skinwalkers as well.

It's a double edged sword, because I fuckin' love NYC man, and the crowds and people there are just so much more enjoyable and personable than at San Diego. I just can't really afford it :S

What are your con plans for 09 mate? Did you get my email?