Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Burning Man" BTS

I've been away for a while working in a restaurant during the summer "touro" season, but have come back this weekend to tend to some important shiznit, including the handing in of my last Tales of the TMNT script for 2009. Here's a sneak at November's issue; "The Burning Man", which will be illustrated by Jim Lawson. It's a significant change of pace when you hold it up against "Hun", "Expose" and "Sometimes They Come Back", but it all links up. I've also had a couple of people ask how I structure my scripts, and this should help people get a general idea. There are other pages where I go into much more detail than this, but there's too much in each page that kind of gives things away, so here's the safest!

Page 1

Panel 1

We’re in Leo’s post-Vol.2 lair. It’s an abandoned pneumatic transit station that he’s made a home of. We’re looking at Leo from Mikey’s P.O.V., he’s furious.

BALLOON 1 (LEO): …Blah blah blah-blah BLAH!? Blah blah!

CAPTION 1 (MIKE): So saw this coming.

Panel 2

Same shot, but Leo has changed his body language.

BALLOON 2 (LEO): Blah blah blah! BLAH!!

CAPTION 2 (MIKE): Like a week ago. Saw this coming a week ago. No $#%@.

CAPTION 3 (MIKE): I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this verbal spanking by Leo for bordering on seven days and everything he’s talking about he’s making out to sound like it’s all my fault. Like I’ve done something wrong.

Panel 3

Mikey is slouched on a beaten sofa, clearly over Leo’s lecturing. He just wishes Leo would shut up and get over himself. We can just see part of Leo off to the right of panel.

CAPTION 4 (MIKE): At least that’s what I think he’s saying. I stopped paying attention after I saw that bug fly into his mouth. That was pretty early on too. I don’t think he noticed. Either that or he’s so full of himself he pretended it didn’t happen. Pretty funny either way…

BALLOON 3 (Leo): …Blah-blah blah blah Michelangelo?! Blah blah blah…

CAPTION 5 (Mike): I hate when he does that too! Uses my name in full like he’s Splinter or some @#$%! What a jerk! Go eat some more sewer bugs, jerk!

Panel 4

New angle. We’re up Mike’s end of the sofa, looking past him at Leo, who is still ranting.

Mike is bored shitless and frustrated by the whole thing.

CAPTION 6 (Mike): You want to know what he’s blaming me for?

CAPTION 7 (Mike): You’ll LOVE this… check it out.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. wait wait..

' The Baron ' ?? wait.. .. - -

( speakin of ' Baron .. wait til you see what i got in store for you.. )


Tristan Jones said...

The Baron has been scripted in, a couple of times actually. Raph is fighting him and we see him.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Literally CAN'T WAIT !!

// ..the other night on a bender ( well i didn't drink anything but all my friends got wicked pissed ), one of the rare "ART GATHERINGS" i actually get to attend every fourth blue moon with 1 or more fellow comic-artists ( tho' i fall in the cracks in this category ).

One friend in from Chicago and the other from the North of Denver.. we had a pretty wild night. Suddenly i was reworking my piece i've owed you for months now..

.. and well .. it's lookin like it's gonna kick your ass. When it's done .. i hope you'll love it !!