Monday, November 10, 2008

Been Away for Work, Busy Busy, Comics, Jim Lee!

Been busy of late, abominormally so. Been in dire need of substantial moneys (like, savings "goes towards important stuff" moneys) so I've been doing my bit for the man. I'll respond to the comments just after posting this one blog though...

Last week, the Armageddon Expo came to Melbourne, which was cool to see. It's seriously nothing compared to the likes of San Diego or New York's Comic Cons, but it's one of the two bigs in Melbourne. Anyway, Jim Lee and the Wildstorm crew were there signing, and I got a wicked sketch (which I'll post later), but my goddamn, stupid mobile phone cost me a fuckin' one on one interview with Jim Lee! I had tried to organise something through the organiser of the show, but was unable to get in touch with him (instead having to leave messages on voicemail). I never heard back, or so I thought...

Last night my phone alerted me to the fact that I had four voicemail messages. All of them were from over a week ago -- INCLUDING the organiser of the show saying I could do the interview, I just needed to call him back before the show! I hate mobiles! I hate my mobile! Why did you not alert me IMMEDIATELY AFTER I missed the fucking call?!? NNYYYAAAAARGH!!!

(Thanks to Scott for doing his part in hooking that up though, even though technology failed me!)

Anyway, immediately after doing Armageddon and catching up with some mates (including Darren Close, creator of Killeroo -- something very cool to post on that tomorrow!) I had to shoot down to the Peninsula for work! Busy, busy, busy!

Still, I am home now and will have some cool news in the coming days.

Now for some regular/semi-regular fun:

Amazing Spider-Man #577
Wolverine #69
Batman Cacophony #1
Batman Cacophony #1 variant
Batman Cacophony #1 1 in 50 variant
Batman Confidential #23
Detective Comics #850
Nightwing #150
Nightwing #150 1 in 10 variant
Cthulhu Tales #8 cover a
Cthulhu Tales #8 cover b
Ghostbusters the Other Side #2
Michelangelo The Third Kind #3
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #52
Aliens Omnibus Vol. 5


~ tOkKa said...

-->> #$%#$%#$%$%^%&^%&*@!!

But there is A Jim interview somewhere from Scott ? ! !?

Well whatever, anyway ..

things are ok - ish in general ??

You get my message on the Indies ?!


Malpractice said...

i never been a huge fan of Jim Lee's art (not that i think it's bad, i just don't love it), but i have always heard he is a nice guy and it's nice to see that your experience with him only further cements that. Although i will give him his props for being involved in something as maniaclly brilliant as ASB&R,TBW.

Anyway, my pull for this week:

Batman Cacophony #1
Batman Ego And Other Tails TP
Detective Comics #850 (Batman R.I.P. Tie-In)
Ghostbusters The Other Side #2
I Kill Giants #5
Michelangelo Third Kind #3
New X-Men By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 3 TP
Simon Dark #14
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #4
Stand Captain Trips #3
Tales Of The TMNT #52

Dragon Turtle said...

Maybe if you explained the situation you could still score that interview.

On another note it's cool to see Gold Digger reach 100 issues, An independent comic (in color)reaching that milestone is quite an accomplishment.

Andrew J said...

Batman: Cacophony

I probably approached this wrong, as I bought it because I love Onomatopoeia. But him aside, it feels like every single character is off character here. I don't get it.

I DO like that Walt Flanagan is doing the art, though, because weird.

Dragon Turtle said...

Here are the latest reviews for Tales of TMNT 52:



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