Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This was part of a pitch Paul and I started working on but I can't recall if we actually made it or not. Maybe next time the opportunity arises... It revolved around a character we created called Karnox Prime, who was basically an intergalactic pirate/bounty hunter and also the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. I did a quick concept sketch of the character and put it up on my Deviantart site, which I encourage people to check out (link at the right there). It also involved another Utrom design, which is also up on the Deviantart site.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> F7ck .. !@#@#$#$

..and everyone gettin' all negative


FINE.. they get all pissed and shove all this stuff off and they miss out on an incredible amount of awesome creativity ..



Tristan Jones said...

I've been saying it for a long time man, the cartoons, the toys, they're all in good fun and all, but ultimately, they're for kids. Hopefully once all the angst is out of the way people will realise that all this stuff is -- and always has been -- there. Sure, not everyone is going to like every story, but not everyone likes every episode of the show, or every figure.

Instead of posting the negative shit -- the sites should be picking out the positive and focusing on them. The unfortunate nature of the internet means that people immediately jump on the negative things and get all up in arms about it, and sure sometimes it's warranted, but when there are other good things to focus on, why not do that?

No offense to Rose, because she does have some very valid points, and everyone is more than welcome to their opinions (as long as they're voiced with respect), but her blog is a TMNT news site. People who might not be aware of the online fanbase, or new to the TMNT might go looking for TMNT news and come across the Ninja-Pizza blog expecting news, but instead find her recent two posts which are probably better suited for an editorial blog or a personal blog. Or at least put up a disclaimer regarding editorial opinion. The reason being that a new fan will read "The TMNT are dying and I don't care" or "Mirage and all related companies are giving you the finger" and they're likely to think "shit, looks like it's all over" and lose interest. If it were a personal blog, I'd be completely fine with it (I'd probably still take slight objection to things, but that's just a clash of opinion on that matter).

There are is ALWAYS good with bad, but too many people find it easier to focus on the bad, and ultimately, what good is it doing?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ** T, i've had to learn these lessons the hard way.


Tristan Jones said...

I'm also 100% behind your last post on Mikey's Tok!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..thanks, means allot.