Thursday, September 04, 2008

The World According to Dan aka #50 Release Date

My good friend and boss (not sure too many people can say that these days) Dan Berger has informed me that Tales #50 is due at Diamond on the 16th of Sept. which means it should be hitting the shelves that week, if not sooner (depending on how fast Brenner get it printed).

Been hyper-busy this week so sorry about the lack of updates.

Here's a monsterism:

Monster: T-Rex
Movie: Orgazmo

Now you have been scarred as I was.
Once you come to terms with the scarring, this is actually one of the most hilarious things you'll ever see/hear.


Greg said...

Wtf? Wow, Trist... just... wow.

Tristan Jones said...

Sorry. It's Troma terrible but so so funny!

Malpractice said...

Orgazmo is awesome!

Tristan, is Mirage going to be circulating pdf copies of issue #50 for early reviews? There's a podcast i listen to that does reviews of the comics coming out the day before they are released and i figured that could be some good promotion for the issue, if i can get them to talk about it on the show.

~ tOkKa said...


-->> .. ??



.. >v<

Greg said...

Tokka, you are a disturbed.

Tristan Jones said...

What on earth are they Tok?! Mummies of some sort...

Tristan Jones said...

Mal! Good to hear from you! No, I'm actually going to speak to Dan on Monday about it, because I know that PDF's are made of the comics before they hit the printers...

You never told me what they thought of #36 either!!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> There's a method to my ' DISTURBED-ness' sent to you should give you some details.

Looks to be a similar incident ( or is it ' ? ? ' ) the Big Foot fiasco the other week.

However, while details are sketchy.. the ' body ' in question .. i supposedly that of a ..


♦ ♦

(( Also you never checked the designs and concepts i'm makin' for Ryan's project.

O' well Kappa caught yir tongue

[[ no no i know your real buzy ;p ]] ))


Greg said...

Hey, Tristan! I made a blog! Be sure to check it out when you can!

Greg said...

Also, I looked at your movie, The Room! Dude, that was beautiful!