Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monsterism #46

Monster: The Brain Bug

This movie had everything. Crazy amounts of violence, social commentary, solid characters, tits, giant alien bugs and more crazy violence. I think everyone was a little grossed out by the Brain Bug, with its suggestive mouth/orifice and brainsucker capabilities. It was also fat, veiny and slimy. But it looked very cool and deserves a place amongst the monsterisms.


Greg said...

I've seen it a lot when I was little but don't remember much. I just remember naked people in the shower, Denise Richards, Casper Van Dien, a guy's head exploding on the training course, a psychic communicating with a surrendering giant bug and a few other stuff. I need to check it out again whenever it's on.

Tristan Jones said...

That's pretty much what it was, but you watch it again and there are some very clever commentaries running through it too. It's also a pretty good mix of genres too. Robocop and Total Recall are both awesome too! You know Verhoeven did Showgirls?

Greg said...

I LOVE the Robocop film! I saw it a few months back after years and it still holds up. I can't wait for the new film coming out I believe next year. And I vaguely remember Total Recall. Damn, you're bringing me back to memory lane! I need to track down those films!

And believe it or not, I've yet to see Showgirls. I do want to see it one day due to all the hate the film gets, lol.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ** You see this , Trist ? ?


Tristan Jones said...

Hey Tok! That's incredible. I half hope it's real, but if it is, I kind of don't want them going out there to capture a live one.

I actually read about these guys a while ago, I think on youtube... They were saying they'd found a body but weren't releasing photos and had it in cold storage.

I hope it's true...

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..seems a little " convenient " for them to make those claims.

Well i dunno. Part of me wants it to be true as well, part of me wants the mysteries to remain unsolved.