Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is It Wrong...?

I was just at the gym for the past couple of hours and noticed that every TV in there was playing the Olympics. It didn't bother me, because I just put some music on and run, or bike, or whatever, but it got me thinking, I really couldn't give a rat's arse about these Olympics. Past years I've been kind of excited, but this time around I just really couldn't care less. I know the thrill of watching these sorts of things and can totally understand and respect it, but it was just something that dawned on me before.

Oh well... how about ssssoooommmmeee......


Movie: Willow
Monster: Boarhound

Willow is one of those movies that seared itself into my childhood. I'm actually surprised I watched it as much as I did, given how long it was! I always loved it when the Boarhounds appeared. They used to frighten me a little because of how alarmingly fast they were and how generally hideous they were too, but I couldn't get enough of them.


Andrew J said...

Not to mention the final fight between Madmartigan and General Kael!

Why have I been thinking about this movie and "Hook" all day? Oh well!

Greg said...

Heh, would you be surprised if I said I've never seen Willow OR the Olympics? :o

Tristan Jones said...

Willow: yes.
Olympics: no. Some people just aren't that into it. I'm not a particularly sporty person. I enjoy getting active and all, but not sitting and watching really.

Willow however, you must see! It is one of the best fantasy movies out there! George Lucas and Ron Howard!

Andrew J - General Kael is one of my all time favourite movie characters! And HOOK!! Good lord, I remember how astonished I was (and obsessed I was) when that came out at the movies!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Me like better than wall -demon ** ..the power of Cripes compels me.. **


Tristan Jones said...

Holy cripes on toast!