Friday, June 13, 2008

The Pipeline and Hulk

I have four new projects in the pipelines at the moment, one of which (if all pans out well) will be a non-turtles sci-fi book with Paul Harmon (the dude has some AWESOME ideas and if you haven't visited his artblog - click it over on the right there). I've been doing more art for Cereal:Geek which has been a heck of a lot of fun, and I've been told #4 is almost ready for print, so all you Ghostbusters fans be sure to check that out (along with all you Turtle, Transformers, Carebears, GI JOE, MOTU and whatever else fans).

A follow up to Tales #36 has been approved and is headed into script phase today!

My creator owned project is nearly totally scripted, and I've started the art!

Indy 4 got me all reinspired and I've started what I'm hoping will be my final draft on the COWBoys of Moo Mesa story!

Also went and saw The Incredible Hulk with some good friends the other night. It was fun. I'm not a big Hulk fan, and to be honest, I don't particularly enjoy Edward Norton, but I had fun in this. It's far from perfect, but it's a decent night out. I really liked the first one, and I think if the two films were combined -- particular elements from both -- it would've been a top notch comic book movie and Hulk movie.


Malpractice said...

I saw Incredible Hulk last night, and it wasn't my cup of tea. It wasn't bad but it wasn't really all that great either. Edward Norton, and Liv Tyler were fine but i thought not quite right for the their respective roles. Tim Roth while a good actor just wasn't very good in this movie in my opinion. That dude Tim Nelson who played the doctor was annoying as hell and was totally not fucking funny at all. William Hurt was pretty spot on though. The script was fairly run of the mill too and aped much of it's plot/structure from Iron Man right down to the hero's worst enemy being himself, and the final battle having a villian which was a reflection of himself. I know it's not a popular opinion but i did like Ang Lee's Hulk (with the exception of many the scenes with the Hulk in it lol), and this new movie was pretty similar to it but without the brains. I also didn't really see why they needed to reboot this franchise considering that this movie basically just picks up where the last one left off.

Tristan Jones said...

I think it was more that they were rebooting in the sense that you don't necessarily need to see the first one, but it doesn't act as though it didn't happen -- you could watch the two together and they'd still make sense. I actually liked the original Hulk better (the monster) to be honest! I thought there were moments of this one that were Anakin and Padme worthy in terms of dialogue -- ESPECIALLY Tim Roth. The other, and probably the biggest problem I had with this, was that William Hurt, while really really good, is no Sam Elliot, and Sam Elliot IS Thunderbolt Ross!

Malpractice said...

Agreed on the Sam Elliot thing, i was just stating that of all the actors in this movie i felt that he was the best casting decision and did the best job in the movie. Sam Elliot was still a million times better though. I also preferred Jennifer Connelly's Betty Ross but then again she is my favorite actress so i might be a little biased.

On the whole reboot thing, i just re-watched Ang Lee's Hulk today and it seems they actually changed quite a few things pertaining to the origin than i remembered. One such thing is that in the new version it would appear that Bruce Banner is for the most part solely responsible for his transformation while in the previous movie it was a mixture of things beyond his control and his heroic act from saving someone else that made him become the Hulk. That's quite a divergence. It seems that Marvel wants all their characters to be that way on film now which i think is kind of a shame.

Agreed with you on the dialogue as well. Although some of it might of worked if the actors in question has some chemistry.

Tristan Jones said...

It was kinda funny, when Samuel Sterns comes into it, I had a new Avengers moment -- "Who the fuck is Samuel Sterns?" I say to my friend. "The Leader, Hulk baddie." he tells me. It clicks: "Ooooooh! I know him!"

But yeah, that was the one element I felt was seriously lacking -- chemistry. Hulk 1 had it everywhere, this had really kinda forced chemistry, and being a film grad, shit like that is painfully obvious.

I was saying to a friend of mine too, that this is one of those movies that I have no interest in seeing sequelized. Iron Man - sure, Spidey - maybe, but knowing that all these Avengers solo movies are happening and that they're all being tied together, I'd rather see an Avengers movie, or a Fantastic Four movie, where they take on the Hulk.

Did you catch the trailer for Punisher War Zone?

Malpractice said...

yea, i saw the War Zone trailer. It actually made me laugh quite a few times, but i don't think that was it's intention. I'm not much of a Punisher fan but i did enjoy the last movie that had Thomas Jane in it, and didn't really see the need for a reboot.

Can't wait for Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight though.

Tristan Jones said...

I don't think anyone can wait for Dark Knight. Hellboy 2 will rock for sure! Is that it for comic book movies this year? There's Watchmen isn't there?

Malpractice said...

Watchmen is next year but i don't plan on ever seeing that movie. Wanted is also this summer but that dosen't look all that good. That Star Wars animated movie is also this summer.