Friday, May 23, 2008

Titan's TMNT Fast Forward Comics

Hey guys and gals! Those of you who read Ross May's Livejournal may have seen his post sharing his own pitches for the ill-fated comic series. Well, he's got me all inspired to share my own, seeing as the book is gone. The first three are my published stories, the rest are the ones that were accepted and held for use. I'll post the unsuccessful pitches at the end.


Cody has developed a new type of hoverboard/skateboard to be unveiled at a charity extreme sports event. A bounty hunter sees this as an opportunity to make some money and decides to kidnap Cody during the event and hold him for ransom. What follows is an extreme sports chase as the kidnapper tries to get away on one of the boards with the Turtles in pursuit – and Raph managing to take home first prize in the event!


Cody and Donatello have been experimenting with one of Jammerhead’s ghosting cloaks and believe they’ve come up with a similar device of their own. Mikey decides to check it out and hassles them to let him try it. They refuse him because they’re still running tests on it, but Mikey sneaks up later on figuring a quick go wouldn’t hurt (and think of the pranks he can play on Raph!). After messing with Raph, Mikey goes to put the device back – only to discover that he can’t get it off, and with both him and the device stuck as ‘Ghosts’, his greatest fears are realised: he can no longer play video games, read his comic books or worst of all – EAT! It’s up to Donatello and Cody to figure out a way of reversing the process and shutting off the device before it’s too late!


After an experiment of Donatello’s goes horribly wrong, Raph and Mike end up fused together. With the device responsible destroyed in the experiment, Raph must endure being fused with Mike until Don can fix the machine. Things are made worse when Triple Threat strikes, having just escaped from jail, looking for revenge against those shellbacks that put him away in the first place!


Technology developers are being attacked by what appears to be the (future) Turtle Titan! Mikey (as the Turtle Titan) and the future’s real Turtle Titan team up to track down the impostor, discovering it to be a robotic impostor. They catch up with the robot midway through a heist at one of O’Neil Tech’s R & D buildings and the three battle it out. Our heroes defeat the robot, and in it’s escape, leads our heroes to the real villain behind it all… the future Turtle Titan’s grandfather’s arch-nemisis: the dreaded Doctor Malignus!


When an alien spacecraft crashes into New New York, President Bishop dispatches a team of researchers to check it out. Naturally inquisitive, the Turtles do too. Everyone is somewhat surprised and disappointed to find the ship empty… everyone except Donatello and Bishop, whose suspicions of the ship are realised when the ship turns out to be a malevolent alien robot! It’s up to Bishop and Donatello with the help of the Turtles and Bishop’s enforcers to stop the robot before it tears up the city!


Starlee stumbles across a cute little creature hiding in an alleyway and decides to find a home for it. She gives to it Cody as a present, unaware that the cute little guy isn’t so cute when no one’s looking – it’s actually a wanted intergalactic criminal! Thinking it’s hit the jackpot being brought into the heart of the O’NeilTech empire, it decides to milk things while it can before it strikes… but Michaelangelo is onto the little guy, even if no one believes him!


On a return trip home from buying video games at the mall, Cody and Michelangelo are attacked by Constable Biggles’ Peace Keepers. They manage to evade them and get back home, only to find themselves under seige, with Biggles demanding the Turtles be handed over. Donatello notices something odd about the energy readings on the Peace Keepers and realises that they are under Viral’s control! So, while the Turtles keep the Peace Keepers busy, Donatello and Cody manage to get a fix on Viral and draw her out of the Peace Keepers. Once the Peace Keepers are back to normal, they help the Turtles apprehend the villainous Viral.


Viral has once again launched an assault on O’Neil Tech HQ in order to get her hands on a piece of experimental technology that will be used to help send the Turtles home, and the Turtles are just about to put an end to what has been an arduous battle. Donatello sacrifices the device to save Cody and the others, overloading Viral with power to the point where she and the device explode. Our heroes are ready for a little R & R after such an intense battle, but little do they know that trace elements of Viral have infected various displays in Cody’s TMNT history museum/collection, bringing the Utrom exosuit of their nemesis The Shredder back to life! With the back up memory of the exosuit being fuelled by Viral’s hatred for the Turtles, the Shredder goes on a rampage and only the Turtles can stop it!

Just a quick note regarding this story - I was actually asked by Steve White, the senior editor at Titan to write the script for this, as it was meant to be the first story to be published. I wrote the script, which I really liked, but when the Turtles editor came on board, the decision was made to publish Extreme Measures instead (as each mag came with a turtles toy -- this issue came with a mini-skateboard). It was kind of a dark script too, which was cool. Think along the lines of the darker FF eps...

And here are the rest:


Sh’Okanabo has managed to correct the genetic deficiencies in his spores to further propogate his species here on earth. No longer affected by sunlight, the eggs pose an even bigger threat to mankind. Sh’Okanabo sends out his minions to spread the eggs via hover-trucks (kind of like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers), and the Turtles must put a stop to it before the eggs hatch or affect anyone.


Cody believes he’s found a way to send the Turtles (reluctantly) back to their own time. They test the machine and discover it can open small windows back to the past, requiring massive amounts of energy to do so. Sh’Okanabo gets wind of this and decides to crash in and use the device to go back in time and plant his seeds back in Earth’s past to eliminate the human race. The Turtles go after Sh’Okanabo in order to stop him, but in doing so, they sacrifice their opportunity to return home… for now at least…


Mike decides it’d be a great idea to hook his video games up to the Dojo simulator, but the characters in the games become a little too real and escape into the city and of course only the Turtles and Mike’s knowledge of video gaming can put an end to the madness!


Savanti Romero has managed to track his Turtle nemeses across time and space to the New York of 2105, but it’s taken him most of his power to do this. Lucky for him, the New York of the future has an abundance of energy, though not so lucky for the city itself, or even the world! When technology becomes useless against his magic, the Turtles bring him down the way they do best…


When the annual International Tech Developers Show hits New York, Starlee and Cody can’t get there soon enough, eager to see what’s coming from other countries and companies. The Turtles go, but clearly aren’t as enthused about the convention as Starlee and Cody. At the convention, the groups go their separate ways and look around (the Turtles positive they’ll be bored senseless), but for Cody and Starlee, it’s anything but, as they stumble upon a plot by a greedy tech developer and his goons to steal valuable experimental technology from the show!


Ross said...

These are some cool ideas. I was grasping at straws for mine, but yours are pretty inspired. "Old Enemies" and "Return of Savanti Romero" are both perfect! A Savanti Romero story in the future is something that's so obvious once you hear it, but it would've never occurred to me.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..and the chances in hell to see a collected version or otherwise of these stories is ..

-- ?!



Tristan Jones said...

Not my call unfortunately Tokka. I could possibly rewrite them to make them fit into the Mirage U, and maybe have them written as Tales, but you'd have to bug Titan about that I think. I'm not sure what the licensing agreements were, and you know who our licensing dude is!