Sunday, November 04, 2007

Here One Day, Gone the Next...

I have lost pretty much everything. Over seven years of art, scripts, stories, film work and ideas, everything I've ever worked on in any way, shape or form from a digital standpoint, has been taken to Hell with my hard-drive that decided it was time to die. No warning signs whatsoever, and now I'm back at square one on pretty much everything. Two projects I was really excited about have been savaged, all my Mirage work is gone, as have all the documents for Titan. All that survived was a horror western short I was planning on submitting to Heavy Metal.

Is it a sign?


~tOkKa said...

-->> ..Trist.. i am spread so thin .. too many TMNT forums,myspaces,facebooks blogs..

i can't keep up with everything ..

DUDE this is a nightmare..

please tell me you able to recover a bit from this.. 8(

..i'm sorry man i am so scattered..


Tristan Jones said...

That's cool Tok, thanks for giving a damn too! I was able to recover scant few things from the death of my HD, and those were the few things I had forgotten about on random USB disks! Thankfully, Dan sent me back all the documents I'd worked on for Mirage!