Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daily Monsterism - 30 Days of Night

Just got back from the movies. 30 Days of Night is awesome. My memory of the book is a little fuzzy, so there're no prizes for guessing what I'm doing after this. So, in light of the awesomeness that was, here's today's monsterism...

Monster: The Head Vampire
Movie: 30 Days of Night

Certainly not your garden-variety vampire, the head vampire is (as are all the others) about as far removed from every other vampire Hollywood churns out as you could want. He's a relatively plain looking guy which actually bolsters his creep-factor more than you'd imagine, but the fact that he has a maw full of jagged fangs and black eyes only enhances that but also gives him that lethal edge. He's creepy looking and there's no doubt that he'll kick your arse. The actor also manages to give the role an incredible amount of power and authority, even over some of the more horrifyingly pro-active undead.

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