Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tales Sales

The sales estimates for comics in July have been posted, and what was neat was seeing my Turtles issue there. From the outset, it might not seem that impressive, but when you consider the low print run and the fact that it's an independent publication it's pretty damn good. Tales #36 is ranking in at #267, with a sales estimate of 3,375 units being sold, which, again, is pretty damn good because the average print run is 3,300!

In other news I'm moving forward with my creator owned project I'm hoping to pitch to Dark Horse when it's all under way. I'm after opinions here people, which sounds better: Tiki, Defender of the Islands or Tiki, Warrior of Stone? It's a big silly adventure about a living statue that takes on a group of evil gods to save a mythical cluster of islands.

I'm also going to be writing a couple of articles for the next issue of Cereal:Geek! It's a wicked mag for those who love their cartoons from the 80's. Check it out here: www.cerealgeek.com. It's a really well-made mag, really high production values and excellent content (which is only going to get better!). I'm going to be writing an article on the evolution of Transformers G1 (the original toon), a Top 10 of 80's Toon Villains, "Why I Dislike..." on whichever show I choose to hate on (Captain Planet... heart will not save you from my childhood wrath!) and an article on pushing the boundaries of believability. Should be sweet!

Something else that's kinda cool, I've begun work on my next TMNT comic for the UK. Looks like there's a competition going on where the kids get to come up with a villain for it. At the moment it's just a generic Villain X that will be adjusted to suit the character the kids come up with, but as it stands Villain X is a crazy Triple Threat fan and helps him bust out to get his revenge against the Turtles, only Raph and Mike have been accidentally fused together! Two heads are definitely better than one, but are they better than three?

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dark turtle said...

Congrats on the sales figures for your Tales issue! That's good news. I hope it'll give you the opportunity to tell more turtle tales in the near future.

Your "Tiki" project sounds cool. I'd go with the title of "Tiki: Defender of the Islands" because it describes what the story will be about in a nutshell. And if it's a humor-based story, then the title can end up being ironic. For me, "Warrior of Stone" sounds too serious; it's as if the Tiki is the one going on attack, rather than defending his home (I'm assuming it's his home being that the evil gods will attempt to take over). Good luck with it!