Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Daily Monsterism #13

Monster: The Lying Figure
Movie: Silent Hill

For me, this was the best horror film of 2006. Granted we didn't really get a lot to choose from, but as far as movies with monsters and true elements of horror went, this was definitely the best. As a fan of the Silent Hill games, I was relieved to see that what made the games terrifying had been translated faithfully to the big screen and worked just as well in the cinema as it did in the game (most of it at least). One scene I nearly blew my lid at was the one above. The creature you see here appears in Silent Hill 2 (game) and is a representation of the protagonist's own suffering. Essentially, it looks like a person bound in a straight jacket of flesh. No arms, no neck or head, just one big fleshy mass serving as a torso. While it isn't as contextually significant here in the film, the translation of the creature visually is absolutely perfect, and looks as disturbing on film as it did the first time I had to beat the shit out of it with a fence post.

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