Thursday, August 16, 2007

SDCC Treasure #1 - Bruce Timm TMNT sketch

I'm back in Australia and have been crook as a dog the past few, also kinda busy with a few things, hence my delay in posting more goodies. Sorry about that! Here's something I think a few people out there would dig seeing: Raphael, by the legendary Bruce Timm! It's off to the framers tomorrow, along with the Usagi sketch by Stan Sakai and Terry Dodson's Michelangelo (watch this space tomorrow)!


Adam said...

Wow, I had actually just spent today unsuccesfully trying to find how i can commision a TMNT from Bruce Timm to receive when he comes to melbourne, and then i came here and see that you already have one! At least now I know he will have had SOME practice at drawing TMNT before... Hopefully he will be doing sketches in melbourne. Anyways, thanks for sharing your treasures!

Tristan Jones said...

Hey Adam! It was no easy feat either. I really had to almost plead with him to get him to do it, so be prepared to have to twist his arm!