Monday, August 06, 2007

Image Fest

Nobody steps on a church in my town!

55 Central Park West. Aka. The Shandor Building from Ghostbusters. Oh yeah. I'm a nerd.

Dad at San Diego Airport

Our hotel room in Northampton...

I like Gorillas, it's just a shame this one isn't real.


I don't think anyone knows how long I have waited to see this.

This really surprised me. I always imagined pleiseosaurs to be larger. The Elasmosaur along the roof wouldn't fit into a photo unfortunately. I would have shat myself had they still existed and I ever faced one though.

Nothing but pure awesome. This thing was huge!

Evan and I on the way to the airport. 6 in the morning.

Airport Brekky. Nummy num!

Oh yeah! It's real. I went there. I'm a nerd. Watcha gondoo abowdit?!

Best food ever. Blurry photo taken by Italian lady. Thanks Italian lady!

Crocs in San Diego Zoo. Tell me this bastard doesn't look like Godzilla in The Return of Godzilla (aka Godzilla 1984)!

This lizard is awesome. More lizards should be like this.

Most exciting announcement at SDCC... For me at least.

Corza cleverly disguising mullet-hunting.

Bizarre Japanese gameshow on airplane.

Response to aforementioned game show.

Turtles in San Diego Zoo.

Yes, this snake has two heads, but the son of a bitch wouldn't come out from behind the damn rock! I waited twenty minutes and this was the best I could get.


Dad enjoys chairlift.

More later... sorry for the random ordering too. It's late.

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