Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daily Monsterism #3

Monster: Gojira (aka: Godzilla)
Movie: The Return of Gorija aka The Return of Godzilla
Why: Godzilla/Gojira really is king of the monsters. Simple as that. The Return of Godzilla was one of the first movies I remember seeing, and would rent it as religiously as Ghostbusters back in the day (if anyone is familiar with Roadshow Home Video on Whitehorse Rd in Box Hill, it used to be over where Dark Zone is now - that's how far back I'm talking). Treated more as a force of nature than a monster, The Return of Godzilla also threw away all those wacky sequels featuring other monsters that plagued the 60's and 70's and acted as a straight up sequel to the original Gojira/Godzilla of 1954. Just like the original, there were two versions of this movie, a terrible Western dub/re-edit, featuring Raymond Burr, which, while tolerable in it's own right, is absolutely NOTHING compared to the Japanese original edit.

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